May 21, 2013

Gamers across the world waited with baited breath as the seconds ticked closer to 1pm EST today (Tuesday May 21), so they could get their first look at the future of home entertainment, the Xbox One.

They were not disappointed.

Chief Microsoft engineers and executives told the packed room that they stressed "simplicity," and wanted to revolutionize home entertainment by creating an “all in one system, where it all comes together.” According to what we saw Tuesday, they’re on the right track.


Advanced, Simplified Voice Control: Do you want to turn on your system? Simply say “Xbox On.” These voice controls work for all facets of use on the system, and seem to be simple and easy to use.

Advanced Hand Gesture Controls: You can minimize/maximize games and movies with simple and efficient hand gestures. These gestures are picked up by the new and improved Kinect sensor.

Skype Support: Xbox One supports Skype conversation. Now you can speak with your friends directly from your Xbox One, even during gameplay and live TV.

The Ability To Control Live TV: Change the channel, view schedules, and see what’s trending all without turning off your Xbox One system.

Snap Mode: You can now run multiple programs alongside one another. For instance: You can run Internet Explorer on the right-hand side of the screen while watching a movie on the left.

Fantasy Sports Support On Live TV: You can program your Xbox One to send you live updates from your fantasy sports teams, even while watching games on Live TV

Trending Feeds: Xbox offers the ability to see which movies, music and games are trending with your friends, as well as the entire Xbox Live community.

Instantaneous Switching Between Live TV, Games, Music, Web Browsers, And Movies: There is no more tedious switching of input controls, pressing multiple buttons or starting/shutting down systems. Simply say “Xbox: Live TV,” or “Xbox: Watch Movie” and it happens instantaneously.

Updated Controller: There are 40 design updates on the controller including advanced ergonomic designs.

New, More Powerful Xbox Live: Supports trending games, and a more powerful community

Strategic Partnership With EA For New Sports: All of these are to be powered by EA Sports IGNITE, a new game engine that was also unveiled today. This includes titles like FIFA, UFC and NBA games.

If today’s offering is any indication, we will be seriously looking forward to seeing more of the Xbox One at E3.