Lindsay Lohan Caught Sneaking Out of Rehab on a Coke Run

October 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been busted sneaking out of the Betty Ford Clinic with another inpatient in search of the real thing.

Gossip blog Radar Online is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was busted trying to leave the Betty Ford clinic in search of a can of Coke. Lohan and an accomplice were apparently caught high-tailing it to an adjacent hospital in search of a vending machine as the Betty Ford clinic does not have a soda machine.

The pair's plan came unraveled when Lohan’s partner in crime got stuck on a fence and had to call for help.  According to a source, “Lindsay and her co-conspirator were forced to give it up and flag down a volunteer, who was crossing the center's grounds in a golf cart.”

Lohan’s lawyers have denied the supposed Coke run, saying that the story she tried to “escape” rehab for Coca-Cola is “absurd and untrue.”

Lindsay is currently in the midst of her fifth stint in rehab. She is due back in court October 22 for violating her parole after testing positive for cocaine. Lohan faces a possible 30-day jail sentence if the judge decides her latest bid to get clean is not a sufficient punishment.

Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images