Mantenna - Friday, January 15

January 15, 2010

Bar Refaeli dodges mandatory military service, Gordon Gekko is back in a new photo shoot, and Lady Gaga cancels shows due to a health scare....the Mantenna is the baddest man on the planet!

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Bar Refaeli Dodges Mandatory Military Service

Israeli model Bar Refaeli is under fire from an Israeli Defense Force major-general for evading the country’s mandatory two years of military service. Major-General Avi Zamir claims the 24-year-old beauty dodged the service by marrying a family friend. Under Israeli law married women are exempt from having to serve. The Major-General is calling for a public boycott of all products Refaeli endorses. Bar has neither confirmed nor denied Zamir’s claims. [Sky News]

Skinny Models Make Jessica Simpson Sick

While promoting her new VH1 series, The Price of Beauty, Jessica Simpson said the sight of skinny models made her sick.  She said, “Going to Paris, I had to walk a runway with all these tall skinny models and I almost puked I was so nervous. I mean, I can walk a red carpet but walking a runway, I will be the first to fall on my face. And thank God I didn't. But I was so nervous to walk out there and be judged. To just put myself out there like that. Especially next to people that eat just salad.” The show, which premieres March 15th, sees Jessica traveling the world and exploring what different cultures consider true beauty. [Huffington Post]

Mad Max 4 Goes 3D

The gears are moving for George Miller’s much anticipated Mad Max 4. No, Mel Gibson didn’t relent and agree to star in it, but a couple of great actors have. Both Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy have the leads, and now it’s looking like they’re going to shoot it in 3D. Furthermore, the amount of CG that’s going to be in the film is apparently high, seeing as the film as being touted as one that combines animation and live action. Sounds like this is going to be one big production, and it doesn’t hurt that 3D’s been thrown into the mix. Avatar is the gift that keeps on giving. [/Film]

Gordon Gekko is Back

Director Oliver Stone and actor Michael Douglas are returning to their Wall Street roots with Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Douglas is actually going to be one of the good guys this time around, playing a kind of father figure to Shia LaBeouf, a hedge-funder who blames Josh Brolin’s character for the death of his mentor. A new photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz has surfaced that shows us some of these characters in amazing photographs, so it's time to start getting pumped for what could be one of the best sequels of the year. [Vanity Fair]

Lady Gaga Cancels Shows Due to Health Scare


Source: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Lady Gaga canceled a performance at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana last evening an hour before the show was scheduled to begin. Gaga apparently began to feel dizzy and had difficulties breathing. According to her Twitter account, paramedics diagnosed an irregular heartbeat due to exhaustion and dehydration. She announced plans for a make-up concert at Purdue on January 26th. [MTV]

Toby Gerhart Too Good to Be True

Stanford had to know that their prized running back, Toby Gerhart, a runner-up to winning the Heisman, was too good to be true. Despite the fact that he’s got a year of eligibility left he’s decided to enter the NFL draft and start making real money. Gerhart was key to defeating two great teams in the Pac-10 this year, running for 223 yards in the 51-42 victory against Oregon and 178 yards in the 55-21 win against USC. Gerhart said that he's "extremely proud to have been part of the class that brought Stanford football back to national prominence." Cardinal fans everywhere felt a disturbance in the force today. [ESPN]

Verizon Dominates Zagat's First Cell Phone Carrier Survey

In a survey which is sure to somehow spark a volley of lawsuits, Verizon scored high marks in Overall, Reliability, Coverage, and Customer Service, leading us to believe that perhaps this survey was taken before they infamously raised their Early Termination Fee to $350. AT&T's wide margin of victory in the Products category is likely due largely to the iPhone, while T-Mobile eeked out a win in Value, so ultimately, it's really all relative. [Consumerist]

Teen Drops 150 Pounds With Video Game-Inspired Diet

Taylor LeBaron weighed nearly 300 pounds when he was 14 and has lost half of that thanks to a strategy he got from video games. LeBaron told the Today Show that he tackled his weight loss as if he was confronting a series of enemies in a video game. In his case, the enemies were things like being idle, skipping key meals, or experiencing stress. He also gave himself a currency to work with, calories that he classified as "money." I believe this method is also referred to as "restraint" and "common sense," but hey, if it works, it works. [TODAY Health]

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