Deadliest Warrior: Winner's Bracket Show

July 16, 2009

Warrior 6

Deadliest Warriors -Season 2 Episode 6

Winner's Bracket Show
Eight of the nine winners from season one will square off in an elimination round that will decide the overall winner of Deadliest Warrior. IRA vs. Mafia, Spartan vs. Samurai, Shaolin Monk vs. Scottish Highlander and Pirate vs. Apache Warrior.

Spetsnaz were not chosen because they have no equivalent match-up. William Wallace was changed into a generic Scottish Highlander because there are no other named winners from season one.

IRA vs. Mafia
This will be a real knock down brawl between two gangs of ruthless thugs.

30's era Mafia ruled the streets with money, violence and intimidation. They were a criminal organization that stressed family, loyalty and business.

The I.R.A. fought to remove British forces from Northern Ireland and targeted both civilians and British military with a mixture of modern and home-made weapons.

Connections vs. Collusion
The Mafia had Police, Judges and Politicians in their pockets while the IRA had silence and sympathy of the people as their protection. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Ice Pick vs. Knife
The Mafia used Ice Picks as an assassination weapon among friends, while gangs of IRA thugs would use random knife attacks to illicit fear and intimidation. Edge: IRA

Baseball Bat vs. Sling Shot
The baseball bat was used up close and personal to crack heads and bust bones while the Sling Shot was used as a silent ranged weapon capable of inflicting serious trauma on unsuspecting targets. Edge: Mafia

Sawed-Off Shotgun vs. LPo-50 Flamethrower
When the Mafia absolutely positively had to have someone dead they use a Sawed-off shotgun for the hit. The IRA used flamethrowers in brazen attacks against British Army security posts. Edge: IRA

Long Range
Tommy Gun vs. AR-15 Armalite
The Thompson was an engine of death that spit lead in a rapid-fire staccato. The AR-15 was an accurate rifle used for pinpoint shooting and long range marksmanship. Edge: Mafia

Molotov Cocktail vs. Nail Bomb
The Molotov was a terror weapon that sent a fiery message to its target. The Nail Bomb also spread fear, but it's wide ranging destruction wasn't limited only to it's intended target.      Edge: IRA

This was a very close contest to call, but in the end I think the IRA Nail Bomb will be the deciding factor that blasts the Mafia off the streets and into the morgue.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Mafia    IRA
Close       30      40   
Short       60      20
90     100
Long       230     200
Special     80     150       
Total      490     510

Spartan vs. Samurai
This is a real strength vs strength match-up between two warriors who would absolutely never back-down, retreat or surrender.

A Spartan was the ultimate soldier who trained from childhood in the ways of war. They were known throughout the ancient western world for their battle-hardened training and for their mantra of no-retreat, no-surrender.


The Samurai were elite warriors who mastered a large array of weapons and lived their lives according to the highly ethical code of Bushido. Like Spartans, Samurai fought to the death. The Japanese believed that, in battle, a single Samurai was the equal of twenty regular soldiers.

Bronze vs. Banded
The Spartans had a bronze kit that covered their shins, torso and head but their defenses really centered on the massive shield they carried. Samurai used leather and banded-steel plates to protect their bodies and a wide sloping helmet to protect their head and neck, but their real defense was speed and skill. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Xiphos vs. Katana
The Xiphos is a wicked little sword, but the Katana gets the edge for the superior length and quality of its folded steel blade. Edge: Samurai

Spear vs. Naginata
The Naginata is quick and deadly, but the Spartan Spear is 8' of death. Edge: Spartan

Long Range
Javelin vs. Yumi
The Javelin can be thrown from behind a shield, but the Yumi is far more deadly and accurate at longer ranges. Edge: Samurai

Shield vs. Kanabo
The Kanabo is a devastating weapon, but the spartan shield can take serious punishment and deal out death blows as well. Edge: Spartan

Another very close battle here but I'm giving the edge to the Spartan due to his devastating combination of Shield and Spear. With no shield of his own, a Samurai will be at a great disadvantage against the Spartan when it comes to mid-ranged combat.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Spartan Samurai
Close       40     100   
300     150
Long        30     130
Special    150     100       
Total      520     480

Shaolin Monk vs. Scottish Highlander
This is an interesting match-up between the defensive minded Shaolin Monk and the attack minded Scottish Highlander.

The art of Kung Fu was invented by the Shaolin Monks as a form of meditation and exercise at first, but due to constant attacks by the Chinese army over hundreds of years, developed into one of the deadliest and most famous fighting styles in the world.

Highlander clans slaughtered each other as well as the Roman invaders.  The Romans feared the Highlanders so much, that they built a wall to bottle them up in Scotland!


Kung Fu vs. Chainmail
The main defense of a Shaolin Monk was the amazing Kung Fu he practiced for hour upon hour, which gave him the speed and agility needed to dodge or block most attacks. Highlanders had coats of chainmail, helmets and shields. Edge: Highlander

Close Combat
Emei Piercers vs. Targe & Dirk
The Emei Piercers are wicked, spinning, daggers that are deadly up close, but the Targe & Dirk are a devastating combination. Edge: Highlander

Twin Hooks vs.War Hammer
The Twin Hooks proved to be wickedly efficient weapons but they were also very versatile and could attack in many ways. The War Hammer is short range weapon with only one use, smashing enemies. Edge: Monk

Staff vs. Claymore
The Shaolin Staff is an excellent weapon for defending oneself because of its length and speed, but the Claymore is a powerful weapon capable of cutting a man in half. Edge: Highlander

Whip Chain vs. Ball and Chain
The Whip Chain is the longest weapon demonstrated for the Monk and it possesses great speed and ability to keep attackers at bay. The ball and chain is a massive weapon capable of shattering bones up close or at a distance, but it is very slow and unwieldy. Edge: Monk

I'm going with the Highlander on this one because they have a decided advantage in killing power. The Monks are probably better one-on-one fighters, but every weapon used by the Highlander is deadly, while the Monk has two weapons that aren't necessarily designed to kill.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Monk    Highlander
Close      100     120   
Short      210     120
Mid         8
0     300
Special     40      30
Total      430     570
Pirate vs. Apache Warrior
This is an interesting match-up between a gun-toting Pirate and an Apache Warrior who fought enemies with guns for many years.

Pirates were the most feared fighters of their day, and used cunning, stealth and deception to create weakness and confusion before they went in for the kill.

The Apache were born warriors, the fiercest and most feared of all American Indian tribes. The Apache defied the odds and fought so ferociously that expansion by Mexico and later the United States slowed to a standstill. More than a century later, Apache tactics were adopted as a combat model for special forces. Apaches used speed, stealth, surprise, distraction, deception and even the land itself as weapons. 


Surprise vs. Stealth
The main defense of a Pirate was the shock and awe they created from surprise attacks. The Apache also relied on stealth and surprise to close on an enemy and attack before they had time to react. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Cutlass vs. Knife
The Cutlass is designed for close combat and does more damage than a knife, but the Apache are renowned for up close knife fighting and they can also throw them a short distance with deadly accuracy. Edge: Apache

Boarding Axe vs. War Club
The Apache War Club is a weapon of wood and bone designed to mercilessly crush skulls. The Boarding Axe is also a wicked little weapon, but it's made of steel that can chop and pierce enemies.  Edge: Pirate

Blunderbuss vs. Tomahawk
The Blunderbuss sprays death wildly, but is unreliable as well as inaccurate. The Tomahawk won't misfire and can deliver damage up close or at a distance. Edge: Apache

Long Range
Grenado & Flint Lock vs. Bow and Arrow
The Apache Bow is an ancient weapon capable of killing a buffalo, or a man, at 50 paces. The Grenado & Flint Lock are slow to fire and prone to failures, but they do have the advantage in killing power. Edge: Pirate

I'm going with the Apache on this one because they have more reliable and versatile weapons. The Pirate probably has the deadlier weapons, but I'm not sure they are accurate enough to win this battle against the Apache.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Pirate  Apache
Close      100     120   
Short      100      80
Mid         6
0     120
Long       220     200
Total      480     520

IRA, Spartan, Highlander, Apache.

Mafia, Samurai, Shaolin Monk, Pirate.