Noise-Allowing Headphones are Intuitive?

September 16, 2008

You've heard of noise-canceling headphones?  Well what is the point of that, really?  Don't you wear them to hear sound?  Somebody missed the memo on that one.  Now, thanks to the brain truss at Thanko, we've got headphones that allow you to hear things other than what's playing on them.

They're just $20 bucks, and they gimmick is that they've actually designed the headphones to allow more sound in by placing the speaker an awkward, hovering interval over your aural cavity. 

I believe that I could've saved their R&D department some time by sampling repackaging a pair of sh*tty gas station ear phones.  I'm a marketing wizard, though, and cannot be held to the same standards as, say, those kooky Japanese