Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan!

December 10, 2010



Armor: Chainmail

Helmet: Thracian

Long range: sling

Mid range: Sarissa

Close range: Falcata

Shield: Hoplon

Special: War elephant

Genghis Khan:

Armor: Leather:

Helmet: None

Long range: Mongol bow and arrow

Mid range: Cavalry Mace

Close range: Scimitar

Shield: Mongolian round shield

Special: Cavalry

I'm not gonna post pics cuz then this will take forever to process and have the time the pictures don't work.

Falcata vs. Scimitar: The Falcata was used to hannibal because it was great for crushing the romans chainmail armor (Which he Ironically adopted) however genghis Khan has a more advanced sword. The Scimitar is longer and overall and is made of much better material than Hannibal's Falcata. At close quarters the Scimitar would be able to blow right through chainmail although I'm sure the Falcata could do the same to Leather. Although they're both effective the Scimitar gets the edge for length and  more effectiveness.

Cavalry Mace vs. Sarissa: The Mongolian's bring back one of the worlds most feared historical weapons the Mace a weapon that a heavy head on the end of the handle to delver powerful blows. This mace can be used to literally crush bones. However Hannibal had his own devastating weapon, the sarissa inbetween 13 and 21 feet of killing power. It can impale a man again and again and again just by charging. It was famously adopted by alexander the great who would charge his enemies and impale them row after row after row. To properly assess each weapons effectiveness armor needs to be taken into account for. Chainmail is made for blocking slashing primarily and it's great for that puropse. A blunt weapon like a mace would render the chainmail useless. However the Sarissa could blow through Leather Armor. Also a single blow from a mace might not even be a kill. Although I like the Mace the Mace the Sarissa gets the edge for greater range and killing power.

Sling vs. Mongol bow: We've seen on previous episodes how ineffective the sling can. We've seen that bows like the Yumi are devastating especially on apahce vs. Gladiator where it scored 188 kills. However that was against an unarmored opponent. In viking vs. Samurai the Yumi bow scored over 100 kills even against the vikings chainmail. This bow the mongol bow had a nickname just because of how fast it shot. The bow was known as the screamer bow because of the noise it made while sailing through the air. I can see  the sling being inaccurate and still being mostly ineffective against genghis khan's leather. Genghis Khan gets the edge for the mongol bow.

Hoplon vs. Mongol round shield: when it came to shields both warriors saw their importance. Genghis khan used the mongol round shield. It was made out of wicker and then covered with leather to attempt to provide excellent cover. However Hannibal has his own greek shield that was not only capable of defense but an excellent offensive weapon. The hoplon shield ,ade famous by the spartans, a bronze death machine that can crack a mans skull. It could be used on defense and then used on offense instantly. Although the mongol round shield is effective it can't compare to the hoplon's sheer crushing power the hoplon gets the edge.

Cavalry vs. War elephant: When it came to using animals for warfare both sides knew what they were doing. Hannibal used war elephants to famously cross the alps and launch what debatebly the greatest suprise attack in history on rome. However Genghis Khan was a master of ancient running and gunning. Cavalry the art of warfare while riding a horse. Genghis Khan and his men would ride their horses while firing their screamer arrows at the enemy. Genghis Khan and his men were master archers making them almost unstopable. However Hanniabl's war elephants were no joke either. Not only could they be used for transportation but rampaging. Before battle Hannibal would give his elephants alcohol making them unstoppable rampagers who could trample enemies. Unfortunately they were extremely unpredictable sometimes rampaging the wrong side. Although the war elephants can trample multiple enemies the edge goes to Genghis Kahn's cavalry for more controllability.

Chainmail and Thracian vs. Leather armor: I reviewed footage from vlad the impaler vs. Sun tzu and I was blown away by how effective leather armor is, it blocked a steel crossbow! I saw that the chainmail was penetrated by the bow and arrow. Although Hannibal has a helmet genghis Khan gets the edge for his leather armor.

Battle: Somewhere close to the border of asia and europe hannibal on his own elephant  and 4 other men on a separate elephants trudge up a hill. They're expecting to ambush an enemy that they don't know much about. Meanwhile Genghis Khan and 4 of his fellow warriors are on the other side of the hill making battle plans. Hannibal reaches the summit of the hill and looks down. The elephant he's riding freaks out and charges down the hill. Genghis Khan and his men run in opposite directions however one's reaction time isn't fast enough and he is trampled. Hannibal=5 Genghis Khan=4

The other elephant follow and now everyone is on the ground on the other side of where Hannibal and his fellow soldiers initially were. One of Genghis Khan's soldiers runs over to his horse as he sees an elephant charging him. He begins riding and shoots the elephant charging him. The elephants falls crushing one of hannibals men. Genghis Khan runs over to his horse but hannibal uses his sling and injures the horses foot. Genghis khan turns around and sees hannibal's elephant charging him. It's too late for him to run just then his fellow cavalry man on a horse rides over and mounts him and they ride off. Genghis Khan=4 Hannibal=4

The other 2 of Genghis Khan's other members charge hannibal's dismounted allies. One mongolian grabs a mace and charges. However one of hannibal's allies sticks out his sarissa and impales the charging mongolian. The other 2 charge the remaining one with their swords. Recognizing he's outnumbered the mongolian runs away. He sees hannibal on his elephant using his sling and launching rocks at the cavalry men whose trying to hit him with a screaming arrow. He takes his mace and bashes the leg of the elephant. The elephant falls and the mongolian charges the dismounted Hannibal. Hannibal grabs his Falcata and slashes the charging mongolian slicing his throat killing him. Genghis Khan=2 Hannibal=4

Now the only remaining Mongolian's are on a horse. 3 of Hannibals men draw slings and sling at the horse however all 3 shots miss. Genghis Khan fires a arrow and kills one of hannibals men then orders the man controlling the horse to move charge hannibal and he does so. As they got close Genghis Khan drew his mace but one of the slingers hit the horses in one of his hind legs. The horse fell over and Hannibal and his men charged. As one of hannibals men ran and raised his Falcata Genghis Khan's ally raised his Scimitar and stabbed his incoming opponent. Genghis Khan=2 Hannibal=2

Now it was Hannibal and his ally vs. Genghis Khan and his ally. Genghis Khan's ally charged Hannibal and hannibal fellow soldier charged Khan. Hannibal drew his shield and as the mongolian became close he swung hitting the mongolian in the head killing him. Genghis raised his shield and the carthagenean struck with his Falcta only to have it be blocked. He went to slash again but Genghis Khan rolled to the side and stabbed the Carthagenean. Hannibal=1 Genghis Khan=1

Now it was Hannibal and Genghis Khan. Hannibal charged ghengis with his Falcata and hoplon. All Ghenghis had was his Scimitar and shield. Hannbal swung Ghenghis blocked with his sword. Hannibal then swung his hoplon and bludgered the scimitar of genghis khan. Genghis ran for another weapon and hannibal pursued. Genghis took a mace of his allies dead body and swumg hitting Hannibal's hand. Hannibal fell back screaming in pain. He swung again but Hannibal rolled out of the way and tackled Genghis Khan. Genghis dropped the mace and hannibal started choking him. Genghis khan gasped for breath and was about 10 seconds away from passing out when Genghis rolled to the side. He grabbed hannibals own Falcata. Hannibal lunged at Genghis but Genghis swun around and decapitated Hannibal. He screamed in victory.

Genghis Khan: 574

Scimitar: 216

Mongolian shield: 19

Cavalry Mace: 84

Mongol bow and arrow: 91

Kills by Cavalry (Counted as separate kills): 157

Hannibal: 426

Falcata: 126

Hoplon: 103

Sarissa: 114

Sling: 7

War elephants: 73

ending assessment: At the end of the day it was Hannibal's lack of an effective long range weapon that made him lose (The other option besides the sling was a light javelin which couldn't penetrate the leather armor really either). Also because Hannibal was a carthegenian back in the BC times his weapon materials weren't as good as Genghis Khan's materials. Genghises weapons were great for stabbing like the Scimitar which because it was curved was an excellent weapon for stabbing. Genghis Khan also had his Screamer Arrows that broke through Hannibal and his fellow Carthegenians's chainmail. Although both were good warriors Hannibals weapons were too primitive that's why Genghis Khan won.