Characters That Aren't Cosplayed at Comic Con, But Should Be

October 18, 2012

We gotta give it up to the cosplayers at New York Comic Con. They definitely brought it this year, and we're always impressed with the passion they have for not just costuming but the characters they portray.

That said, many of the choices are…well, less than inspiring. I mean, how many Spider-Men can fit into the Javits Center before it becomes a chore? Do we really need two dozen Deadpools engaging in "wacky" hijinx? Because one is more than enough, thanks. It's not that we don't appreciate the effort put into these costumes, we just feel bad for all those characters out there that get left out in the cold.

Here's a list of characters that could use some cosplay love.

Jimmy Olsen As A Giant Prehistoric Turtle/Dinosaur

Yes, Superman's Pal had some really whacky adventures throughout the years, but none are more delightfully ludicrous than the time he turned into a giant turtle and had to be stopped by Superman. Although Crisis on Infinite Earths wiped it from continuity, it was referenced in Superman books throughout the 1990s, with Jimmy Olsen starring in a live-action series for WGBS as "Turtle Boy."

You'll get bonus points from us if you also manage to construct a miniature model bridge to destroy.

Richard Pryor In "Superman III"

There are some people who still insist "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" was the worst Superman movie ever produced, but those people are wrong. The worst Superman (if not worst superhero) film ever is the third installment of the 1980s Superman franchise, which was a vehicle for Richard Pryor (seriously) whose character randomly discovers he has a knack for computer hacking (NO, SERIOUSLY) and is then enlisted by Robert Vaughan to use his computer hacking skills to do things like redirect oil tankers and find kryptonite in outer space.

Computers: dangerous stuff!

This film is almost so absurdly bad it's good, but doesn't quite get there. Still, we'd like to see tribute paid to it. If Pryor's not your thing, we'll accept Drunk Superman, a villain in the film created by a split personality that resulted from Richard Pryor using a computer to replace an unknown element in kryptonite with tar from a pack of cigarettes.


Egghead From The 1960s "Batman" Television Series

Some of the more popular characters in comics lore were first created for other mediums. The prime example is Harley Quinn, a character created specifically for "Batman: the Animated Series" that proved so popular she became a fixture in comics and has supplanted most of Batman's rogues gallery in terms of popularity.

The same can't be said for poor Egghead, who was created for the 1960s camp television series "Batman." His whole deal was that he liked eggs a lot, and puns about them even more so.

Egghead proved so unpopular that he barely even warrants an occasional pop culture reference. Why not stake your claim and make the character all your own? Cosplaying as Egghead will make you stand out from the crowd and also allow you to educate and inform. As a bonus, he was portrayed on the television show by the legendary Vincent Price. How could you, as a cosplayer, pass up such a fantastic opportunity?

Sorry, we don't mean to EGG you on.

Get it?! GET IT?! Because, you see, his name is Egghead and---nevermind.

Any Of The GoBots

A lot of people look back on the GoBots as cheap knock-offs of the more popular Transformers franchise, but did you know that the GoBots actually came first? Well, you probably did and still don't care because they weren't as good as the Transformers. Still, we see plenty of cosplayers dressing as Golden Age and Silver Age characters that don't quite hold up. Why not accept The Challenge of the GoBots?

(See what we did there? Man, we're on fire this week.)

NFL SuperPro

With all the accessories and cross-promotional opportunities, this one should be a cosplayer's dream. A joint effort of Marvel Comics and the National Football League, the NFL SuperPro was an ex-football player named Phil Grayfield. After a meeting with a scientist who constructed an indestructible suit of (grid?)iron, Grayfield thwarted a robbery attempt but not before a chemical spill that should have incinerated him instead made him indestructible.

But he also still wore that suit so that everyone knew he used to play football.

So really, with this guy, you get to cosplay as three characters at once: Iron Man, Captain America, and (given the "accidental chemical spill" origin) Wally West.

Tommy Wiseau From "The Room"

Okay, this one isn't a comic (yet – we're looking at you, IDW!), but "The Room" has definitely entrenched itself in geek lore as one of the best worst films ever made. Tommy Wiseau is such a wild, ridiculous person that he's almost beyond parody or satirizing. Yet we think a costume would go down really well, especially if you were to adopt his disarmingly friendly manner in the film.

Jaleel White In "Megashark vs. Crocosaurus"

We at All Access happen to think that one of the greatest franchises in film history is the Megashark series, where Megashark (a big freaking shark) terrorizes the planet, fights other monsters, and snatches airplanes right out of the damn sky.

Jaleel White, best known as television's Urkel, starred in the sequel to the original "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus." One of the film's most disarming visuals is seeing Urkel dressed in military fatigues, just as it would be at Comic Con.

Alternate idea: go as Stephan Urquelle, the alter ego created when Steve Urkel drank a potion of his own making. Even if people don't get it, they'll at least think you're one smooth mamma jamma.

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