Nike's Marty McFly Shoe Gets Awesome Commercial

September 9, 2011

The world seems to have gone absolutely bonkers over Nike's new Back to the Future-inspired self-lacing shoe, the Nike Mag, and now it has one more reason to spend the day in a straitjacket.

Just a day after it unveiled the first working models and announced the special sale for the unique sneaker design, Nike released the first commercial for the shoe featuring Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader, NBA baller Kevin Durant, and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

The clever part is that the entire commercial takes place in the Lone Pine Mall, which Back to the Future fans can easily identify or they wouldn't be BTTF fans. It's also filled with all those familiar lines from the original film and a very spirited performance by Lloyd, who still plays the part as if he just stepped in his character's futuristic looking shoes for the first time. It's probably the closest that mankind will come to Back to the Future 4.

Source: Nike/YouTube