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Flip Facts: Hoarder House

by TheFlipMen   August 16, 2012 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 4,950
Front Yard Before:

The exterior of the home was in fairly decent shape including the roof, siding, soffit, and fascia. The biggest issue is that there is no driveway to the detached garage. The spacious garage is a major selling point but the lack of a driveway harms the appeal.

The good condition of the exterior made this flip look like a basic, "lipstick" job. No major work equals a no money flip and a nice profit. However, the condition of exterior of the home is not always a good indicator of what you'll find inside.

Front Yard After:

Connecting the detached garage to the street with an asphalt driveway was both effective an inexpensive. Adding a little gravel and removing the weeds cleans up this space nicely. Eliminating the dirt and the mud increases curb appeal and the number of potentially interested buyers for this property.

Entry/Living Room Before:

When you encounter a "hoarder house" one of the challenges you face is gaining an understanding of what exactly you are dealing with. Before you can truly assess the issues in the home, you have to remove the junk. This is always scary because you could potentially find mold, mildew, roaches, maggots, foundation problems, and a laundry list of issues that can destroy your chance of making a profit on your flip.

Another issue with a hoarder house is that according to Utah State Law, the new owner of the home must store the items for 30 days to allow time for the previous owner / occupant to claim their belongings. This cost time, money and can eat into your potential profit.

Entry/Living Room After:

After removing the junk from the living room, it was a basic paint and carpet job. Fortunately there were no major unseen issues due to the previous condition of the home. The walls were painted with Kwal Paint Vanilla Crème and George Waters creating nice accents. Shaw Limestone carpeting was used and complimented the kitchen's colors.

Kitchen Before:

After clearing the previous occupant's items from the kitchen, only the tile was salvaged. The kitchen design lacked functionality; cabinets only existed on one side of the kitchen and no space for the appliances.

Kitchen After:

The kitchen was redesigned to include a second bank of cabinets and space for the black appliances. New toffee stained cabinets from Solid Cabinets were included in the renovation. The kitchen was nicely staged featuring a Terra Flame wall mounted fireplace.

Backyard Before:

There really isn't anything exciting about this backyard. The space has no appeal, it is empty and uninviting. The strange foundation was a big concern initially, basically a nasty eyesore than serves no purpose and creates questions and or concerns for buyers.

Backyard After:

This is what we do as Flip Men. We took an ugly, weird concrete slab and transformed it into usable space. The key element of this transformation was creating indoor / outdoor living space. With a few tweaks, we were able to extend the home and establish a shaded sitting / entertaining space.

The simple addition of the white aluminum pergola creates an extension of the home; it also adds a comfortable shady space to the area and compliments the home's colors. The existing cement was textured, stained and a capstone was added to enhance the overall appearance.
Boom, ugly foundation transformed into functional living space.

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