Deadliest Warrior Season 2 Back for Blood Ancient Warrior predictions

August 5, 2010

 In this article I am going to tell you about the winning ancient warriors from season 2.I am also going to give you my predictions for who will be in the in the Back for blood match for ancient warriors.

Attila the Hun

BIO-Attila was a brutal barbarian who terrorized Europe.He had spectacular bow skills.He was an excellent fighter and shooter on horseback.He stormed into towns killing people if they didn't give him money.He told the other towns if they didn't want to be killed and destroyed than they would have to kill him.Attila had leather armor and a pretty solid shield.He was  very powerful.

KILLS-vs. Alexander the Great

Scythian Axe-95,special weapon

Hunnic Bow-354,long range

Lasso-30,mid range

Sword of Mars-117,short range

Total:596 kills

PREDICTION-I think Attila stays in the hunt because of accurate shooting,okay defense,and because of facing ad defeating Alexander the Great,who has bronze armor,which is hard to penetrate.


 Zande Warrior

BIO-The Zande had absolute killer weapons.All of his weapons were made to kill.In the fight against the Aztec Jaguar,the Zande proved that their weapons had killing ability.They killed accurately from all ranges.Their weapons are intimidating,especially the Makraka,which cut the gel torsoes head clean off in one slash during the weapon test.They also have very creative weapons like the Botto & Pima,a bow that had a poisonous tip on the arrow.I also like the creativeness of the Kpinga,a throwing knife that has multiple blades which makes it even more deadly.However,he has no armor and he has a terrible shield called a wicker shield.

KILLS-vs. Aztec Jaguar

Makraka-91,short range

Makrigga-289,mid range

Kpinga-127,long range

Botto & Pima-45,special weapon

Total:552 kills

PREDICTION-I love the Zande a lot and I think they are a great warrior with great weapons that can kill at all ranges.However,I think that without armor and a good shield,I gotta say that the Zande is out.



BIO-The Rajput were the greatest warriors from India;you can see why if you saw them fight against the Roman Centurion.The Rajput was a master of a forerunner of Kung Fu.The Rajput handled their weapons with great skill.Rajput means son of a king.The Rajput have some of the scariest weapons you'll ever see,especially the Katar,a knife that opens up to three blades.Their most killing weapons were the Khanda and Katar.They  had leather & chainmail armor and a pretty good shield


KILLS-vs. Roman Centurion

Khanda-328,short range

Aara-0,mid range

Chakram-53,long range

Katar-234,special weapon

Total:615 kills

PREDICTION-The Rajput is one of my favorite warriors and I believe they have a lot potential.However,I think that without an accurate long range weapon and with a non-killing mid range weapon,I am going to say that the Rajput is out.  


Persian Immortal

BIO-The Persian Immortal were popular warriors throughout Persia and other parts of the Middle East.They were mostly known because of fighting the Spartans,known as the most perfect warrior of all time.I was a bit surprised to see that the Persians beat the Celts,especially that big of a margin.The Persians had some brutal weapons.The fight between the Persians and the Celts has been the only fight that has been on chariot.The Persians had bronze scale armor and a terrible wicker shield.

KILLS-vs. Celt

Sagaris-127,short range

Spear-247,mid range

Bow and Arrow-180,long range

Chariot Scythe-135,special weapon

Total:698 kills

PREDICTION-The Persians fought really well against the Celt,as you can see by the results,but without solid armor,a good shield,and an accurate special weapon,I am saying that the Persian is out.


Vlad the Impaler

BIO-Vlad the Impaler; what can you not say about this guy.He brings the total package.He has the weapons,the armor,and even the scary look.I think that Vlad is the best warrior of this season.I think that Vlad has better weapons than any other ancient warrior.He carried the Kilij,a sword that could cut a man in half.He also carried the halberd,the steel crossbow,and the hand cannon,all which are very leathal.For armor,he had chainmail with plate patches and he had a steel shield.This guy is a ferocious killer.

KILLS-vs. Sun Tzu

Kilij-337,short range

Halberd-214,mid range

Steel Crosbow-30,long range

Hand Cannon-71,special weapon

Total:652 kills

PREDICTION-I definetly would keep Vlad in because he has killing weapons from all ranges.He also has a great shield,armor that is hard to go through with a bow,and his armor is hard on slashing weapons.Vlad the Impaler will stay in the game.



BIO-The Comanche's were silent killers from America.They were some of the most notorious horseback riders.They were mainly known because they were such great bow shooters.They were very accurate shooters.They existed when gun powder was available but they still would rather shoot arrows.The main reason the Comanches killed was to defend their land.The Comanches had neither armor nor shield.

KILLS-vs. Mongol

War Hawk-152,short range

War Lance-168,mid range

Bow and Arrow-205,long range

Scalping Knife-3,special weapon

Total:528 kills

PREDICTION-The Comanche has very good killing tools but they are made of stone and are a little bit too primitive.The Comanche also has no armor or shield,so he doesn't stand a chance.The Comanche is out.


Season 2 Back for Blood Ancient Warrior Matchup:Attila the Hun vs. Vlad the Impaler

Weapon Tests

                        Vlad                         Attila                                     Edge

Short Range- Kilij                        Sword of Mars                 Even  

    Mid Range-Halberd                    Lasso                            Vlad the Impaler

 Long Range-Steel Crossbow          Hunnic Bow                    Attila the Hun

Special Weapon-Hand Cannon       Scythian Axe                 Vlad the Impaler


Short Range Reason:The Kilij cut a pig right in half with one strike but the Sword of Mars was used from foot or horseback.

Mid Range Reason:The halberd is a killing weapon every time and it is more versatile.The lasso is pretty unaccurate.

Long Range Reason:The steel crossbow is very brutal but it takes way too long to reload.The hunnic bow is dead accurate and it takes way less time to reload.The hunnic bow can also be used by horse.

Special Weapon Reason:Even though the scythian axe is more devastating,you have to be up close to use it.The hand cannon is super accurate and has more distance.


My Prediction

I think that Vlad is going to win.He brings more brute force and his weapons are eadly accurate and very devestating.


Well there you have it.I might not be right but I thought a lot about it and decided. Please leave lots of good comments.Thank you!