Ups and Downs of Entertainment

September 23, 2010

This week the Motor City Machine Guns share their experiences, both good and bad, with entertainment - from Yankees games to concerts.

Chris Sabin

This past week was one of rest, healing, and new experiences.

With a sore neck courtesy of Generation Me and live events all month long I took a few days this week  to completely zone out, heal up, and play Dr. Mario for hours straight at a time. What an amazing game Dr. Mario is! Challenging, fun, and with a high replay value it's one of Nintendo's all time best games. The only drawback is, and I'm sure anyone else who has played can attest to this - the game will get burnt into your eyelids and you end up having strange dreams of falling pills. But Dr. Mario will always fix what ails you.

I went to a New York Yankees game for the first time ever this week. Monday I saw the Yankees defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in NYC. We had pretty decent seats behind third base on the lower tier that had menus waiting for us in our cupholders with a list of items you could order without leaving your seat! I've been to several Tigers games before, but I've never seen waiters at a game like that. It was a really good time, although I am not a huge baseball fan. Going to games live I always prefer over watching on TV, and participating myself in the game I prefer over both.

A couple things I am looking forward to in the near future - new episodes of Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and Metalacolypse, and kicking the s*** out of Generation Pee.


Alex Shelley

Bad concerts.

I've never really been to a bad concert. I went to a less-than-good one once. It was when I was 16, and I went with my girlfriend at the time. We were going to Hm. I can't remember. It was a reggae/ska band. I was only 16, and I was driving, so I didn't drink. I think we broke up like a week later. I shot terribly at pool, we got there really late, I missed the opening band (which I like to see generally), and plus, just bad vibes that night, as is commonplace between kids who are about to break up. Oh, I remember, it was Skavoovie and The Epitones, who really aren't that good in hindsight anyway. At least, not to me, but music's like food and I can't tell someone what sounds good.

I saw another bad concert, but it was free. One of my favorite bands ever, Electric Six, played the DIY fest in Ferndale, MI. Ferndale's a hipster town for sure, and they were out in full effect. I was stoked to see these guys, because they don't play around here much anymore. Also, it was free. My plane got delayed for four hours. No big deal. I had a concert to see, right? Right. I got two hours of sleep. No big deal, concert to see. We had to walk really far when I had a foot injury. NBD, concert.

Then they got on stage and announced that the lead singer had a throat cold. Then they didn't fix the settings, so the vox were super loud, the drums were moderately loud, and you could barely hear the guitars and synths. Then my foot really hurt. Then it started to rain, then the cops closed everything down.

But it was free, so I didn't ask for a refund. 

At least Adam and Gennie bought kickass E6 shirts. 

Please download my band's album. I swear we don't put on bad concerts. Yet.