Deadliest Warrior: Bonus Fan Season

January 2, 2011

Welcome one and all to The Bonus Fan sesaon. The main goal here is to create one of the greatess fan based blogs of Deadlist warrior ever. I'm not expecting to be taken seriously for the first bit, but I will wait and see what others see in this. Any how, this is what I have so far for this sesaon:

-Calgaus vs. Qin Shi Huang

-Turk vs. Gaul

-Chojun Miyagi vs. Wong Fei-hung

-Modu Chanyu vs. Kim Yushin

-Irish Kern vs. Sikh Knight

-Japanese Wokou vs. Chinese Haidao 

-Mapuche vs. Maasai

-Genoese Crossbowmen vs. English Archers

These matches are slated to change, with new ones being added and possibly some being removed. There is no odour for them whet, nor a guranted release date, but expect to see the first match soon. I will being using a ranking system similar to that of iHonk (with all respects), and I would be very happy to get feedback from all results(positive or negative).

I do have a few simple rules overall:

1.No Sling! Decently weapon in some curcostances, but every warrior on the show who's had it lost. Jalveins, spears, even medium range projectile weapons will do fine if the warrior has a poor history of very decent long range weapons(i.e. bows)

2. No allteriy weapons. These weapons are made for large army battles, not one on one or squad on squad fights.Plus slow reusability and mobility also holds these weapons back.

3. Only combat worthy weapons are  to be used. No sacrfacail (Tecpatl/Scalping Knife), distraction (Black Egg), or martial art (Aara) weapons will be given. It will be sword vs. sword, polearm vs. polearm, horseback vs. horseback, etc. NOTE: By martial arts, I mean practice weapons not used for real combat. This area does,nt cover the Miyagi/Wong bout.

4. I will not have any rematches, mix-macthes, or a 'Back for Blood' style tournament for ether my matches or ones on the show. I may have similar warriors with similar weapons, backgrounds, and styles as ones seen on the show or on other blogs, but that is mainly due ether to creative cramps or the fact I like the warriors given. I may break this rule if I get bored, but that's not a promise.

5. No modern warriors. Anyone with a very modernize weapons set(Musketeers,Pirates,Jesse James, Waffen-SS, etc.) will not be appering. Yet that is. Can I say Modern Fan Sesaon in the furtre maybe? Anyway, this rule does hold back certain warriors brining in a small amount of blackpowder weapons, just as long as they bring in a good amount of non-blackpowder weapons as well. also modern doesn't mean of recent time, but of recently used weapons compared to those of acianeit and medevail warriors.

6. Not all fighters are warriors for say. If a historical class or figure has intersing weapons and history, they can be on the season.

7. Horses and chariots are to be used. For those matches, an extra section of 'Transportion' will be added to test the versatilely of the warriors weapons with and without transportaion.

8. All tactics and terrain will be fully equalized for the befeint of all warriors. Their won't be any junk thrown into the written battle.

9. Certain macthups will be ether one on one or up to a decent sized squad (3-13 men per size) for the just of the warriors weapons and attics.NOTE: The weapons tested will still be one on one based weapons. No allteiry or large scaled weapons are being used, unless due caused.

!0. Final rule: No Mercy! All battles will end in a limited death by the hands of the victor.

For those about to die, I salute you!