Roman Frumentarii vs Japanese Ninja

January 27, 2011


We have a battle of opposites, but still in the field of Stealth. A Ninja, the classic (Sometimes over-rated) people who were raised in peasentry, and used everyday innovation and tools to kill the Samurai above them, using tactics of assassination that have been referred to this day.


Introducing a new Ancient Warrior, the Roman Frumentarii! The Frumentarii came from many walks of life, the poor, the Rich, basically anyone in the military may at one point, be chosen by any superior to protect them from Assassins, root out conspiracies, or blend in to other people/gangs/societies. While they were very capable warriors, they normally fought without shields, and used weapons that the military did or didn't use.


So in other words, we are placing an Assassin, versus an Assassin finder. Both are extremely ample fighters, one of them trained and killed those much higher and richer. The other was militarily trained and hand-picked. Since they are both so skilled and innovated, I cannot give an initial edge, yet.



I wont be overly detailed on this one, I've been sick, and I've been super-busy with work, forgive me.


The Frumentarii strike with:


The Pugio Dagger

The Gladius Sword


Throwing Potions

Their tactics were search and destroy, comparable to some Secret Agencies.


The Ninja returns with his:




Black Eggs


The edges

Pugio vs Ninjato: Ninjato because of the length, and pure craftsmanship in the blade. The Pugio was long, yes. And it did have a unique shape, but it doesn't compare. It's like rating a sidearm versus a rifle.

Gladius vs Kusirigama: The edge goes to the Kusirigama, sure, it can be unwieldy, but given its huge length over the gladius, the edge seems reasonable. This is an example vof perfect intuition in a weapon.

Blowgun vs Plumbata: The Blowgun gets the edge here. Sure, they both have pretty long ranges, but coupled with the fact that the Blowgun is going to be poisoned, it will definitely strike hard on the Frumentarii


Throwing Potions vs Black Eggs: Both of these weapons are debilitating, but the Roman throwing potions are generally acidic (Sorry, if there are no records of the Frumentarii using these openly. But I did find this.). So the Frumentarii gets the edge.


Armor: Black Robes vs Leather cuirass. The edge goes to the Leather Cuirass for armor, the reason being is that it may be able to stop some Ninja weaponry.


Tactics: Silent assassination and a quick escape versus Embed, search, and destroy: The edge goes to the Frumentarii. The Frumentarii are constantly looking for people who have similar tactics to a ninja, making them much more effective at stopping and countering them.



Here comes the fight..


It was a bright, shining day in the bustling city of Rome, and today, Julius Caesar himself was going to make an appearance in front of the Legion, they were all equipped to fight. Frumentarii Marcessus Cosades was the top Frumentarii of the country, he was a legionary when he was 14, and quickly rose  to command people that were much older than him. His partner was another Frumentarii, Lanius "Insanae".


They briefed with Caesar, and their General, who told them what they always heard, be on their lookout, and get ready.


They quickly donned their leather cuirasses, They both put on two medium-sized standards, hooked to their back, that showed both the symbol of Rome and the symbol of their Legion, the same symbol they had on their Scutums when they served on ground.


Marcessus walked through the streets, his first assignment was to scan out the slums, his least favorite part of Rome. The civilians gasped and scrambelled when they saw him, except for one, foreign-looking man. He didn't speak, but his skin was a different tint, his eyes rather narrow, and his facial features a bit more delicate, other than that, he did look like a peasant.


Marcessus decided, at the moment, this wasn't important, and he continued on his scan. As soon as he had turned the corner, the peasant entered his house, which had three other men in it, who were large, and had strange swords. "Hai. Yuki, I assume you are ready for this responsibility?" The leader, who wore a stolen Kabato inquired. The plan was simple,


The Ninja, Yuki, was supposed to assassinate Caesar, and the two Frumentarii, and then his criminal friends would start to set fire to things and kill people, causing massive panic and disorganization in the Legion, they would see Rome their's, they had some great technology for their time, and their cities were secure. Yuki quickly changed in to his black robes, and placed his weaponry in every fitting spot.


He stepped up the stone stairs, and punched a hole in the roof, crawling out, and surveying his position. Was it just him, or did nobody look up in Rome? Regardless, he began his rooftop lunging. He didn't make much noise at all, he was naturally able to step lightly, after all of the jobs his criminal leaders made him do, he was able to get in, get out, with the best of results.


There was a new wall dividing the slums from the rich district, Soldiers marched in to the rich district, but peasants were held back, and even beaten, to prevent them from getting through. Yuki drew his Kusirigama and used it as a grappling hook, getting to the top of the wall, and jumping off in no time.


Marcessus completed his scan, and met up with Lanius, they both stood by Caesar, as he began his march through the streets, The Legionaries were led by 10 drummers, who got them in perfect line in a matter of moments. The Legionaries did everything at the same time, from picking up to putting down their shields, they stood perfect attention.


Caesar began. "Welcome, my men, my Legion. You have thus far performed perfectly, every battle, every barbarian camp and group, has been perfected, you have made me proud, we are the greatest military force alive.


"Which is why, it is my honor to award every one of you a golden wreath, my personal mark, and a coin with your legion's number imprinted on it. We shall start with..."


A small dart whizzed by Caesar, and struck the neck of Lanius, he fell instantly, and died within a few minutes Caesar was instantly evacuated, and Marcessus saw the perpetrator, that foreign peasant's eyes locked on with his, He drew his Pugio, and ran to the slums, where the Ninja leapt to finish the job. His sword was thin, but masterfully crafted. Marcessus lunged, but was countered and slashed in the right shoulder, the blow was mostly deflected by the leather cuirass.


Marcessus made several slashes, using clever footwork to counter the dirty fighting of the foreigner, the Ninja made several slashes at the legs, which Marcessus would dodge. Eventually, Yuki made a mistake, Marcessus sliced his arm, which was more of a glancing blow, also stomping on the Ninjato, he slid it away with a kick and stepped back, throwing and missing with his Pugio, and instead, pulling out his Plumbata and tossing it, Yuki, with much skill, was able to take out his kusirigama and whip away the dart before it could reach him. He swung the sickle and chain around.


Yuki threw the kusirigama forward with his might, holding on to the chain. It quickly wrapped around the Frumentarii's leg, the blade slowly began to dig in to Marcessus' leg. He shouted in agony, cutting at the chain with his gladius as the ninja pulled tighter. Eventually, the chain broke, and he stood, his leg trickling blood.


Yuki ran in to the house that belonged to his criminal comrades, they were all gone, instead, a note was stabbed to a table, they took position in the south tower, and they were going to fire the artillery in to the gate, so they could pour in to the rich district with ease.


Yuki drew his blowgun, stuck a dart in, and turned around, firing it and Marcessus, it stuck in the leather cuirass, but it couldn't puncture.


He reached in to a pouch, and drew a black egg, crushing it in his hands as he ran upstairs, he threw the powder downstairs, climbing on the roof, Marcessus closed his eyes, facing down and running upstairs, leaping on the roof as well. And then he saw it, the South tower, three men loaded and fired a flaming bolt, right in to the gate, the two legionaries died, and the gate crumbled to pieces, civilians scattered as the pieces from the burning gate set hay, and some roofs on fire.


The city was going to fall at this rate... And it was up to Marcessus to stop it. Yuki looked at his broken kusirigama's chain, and held it like he normally did when he reaped crops. Marcessus charged with his gladius, and stabbed it straight in to Yuki's leg. The ninja couldn't dodge, so he writhed on the roof, which caught on fire within moments.


Marcessus looked at his options. His gladius was firmly wedged in to the ninja's legs. So he drew his last weapon, a corrosive potion that he had never used, he crouched down over Yuki, and smiled. "I, am Mortis Amicus." He commented, pouring the potion all over Yuki's face and chest, leaving him screaming as his flesh and muscle burned away, his skull was eventually intruded by the acid, and he died within painful moments.


Marcessus rolled down in to the hole, and exited the house, two legionaries offered their assistance. They ran to the South tower, where they were greeted by the rogue Samurai, their fancy swords were not able to get past the two scutums, with in moments, one was captured, and the other two were killed.

In the end, after extensive questioning, the Romans executed the last man as a show of force, Marcessus was allowed to keep all of the foreign weapons, as either collective pieces or real pieces, to use as preventative measures. Since then, he trained in the Katana and Ninjato, and quickly became accustomed to these interesting weapons, they seemed to be better against Celts, anyways. They were made of a sharper, stronger metal.


Marcessus was awarded the Mark of Caesar, to prove he was indeed worthy of becoming his top guard, since then, Marcessus had led an entire Legion to guard Caesar and the most important men and women of Rome.

Winner: Frumentarii



The Frumentarii won for several reasons. He was accustomed to his light armor, taking out people like the Ninja, and because his weapons were simple counters, instead of offensive exotics.


While the ninja was quick and calculating, it isn't quite the same when you fight an elite personal guard in toe-to-toe combat.


Frumentarii- 548


Pugio Dagger- 108


Gladius- 300




Throwing Potion- 40


Ninja - 452


Ninjato - 373

Kusirigama - 57

Blowgun - 22

Black Eggs- 0


Best weapon: The Ninjato takes the best weapon slot because it could still get through the leather, and deliver death blows one after the other


Worst weapon: Black Eggs, even though I normally take these non-lethals in to account, in reality, the Ninja had nowhere to run, especially in a place like Rome, he would run in to legionaries eventually and die anyways.