Mantenna – James Franco’s X-Rated Fail

August 10, 2011
James Franco talks about wanting to be in the adult entertainment biz, George Lopez gets canned, and Americans are abandoning cable television in droves… this Mantenna will self-destruct in five seconds.

James Franco's X-Rated Fail

Photo: Augustus Butera/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

The weak economy and easy availability of television shows online is, for the first time, resulting in Americans abandoning their cable and satellite television subscriptions in record numbers. Last year was the first year subscription rates to cable and satellite television actually fell, ever. Back then it was only a trickle and subscriptions rates did rebound. Now, however, people are cutting the cord and leaving in droves. The Associated Press reports that eight of the nine largest subscription TV providers in the U.S. lost 195,700 subscribers in the April-to-June quarter. This does not include Cox Communications, the third largest cable provide in the country. Analysts believe that somewhere between 380,000 and 450,000 subscribers have deserted, the largest decline in U.S. history. The AP blames high unemployment and services like Netflix and Hulu.

Jordan (The Country, Not the Basketball Player) Building "Star Trek" Theme Park

The Star Trek franchise is about to boldly go where no franchise has gone before: a 184-acre theme park. A funding deal has been made to build the sprawling theme park that will cost roughly $1.5 billion to construct, thanks to investments from King Abdullah and other American investors. The park is expected to open for business in 2014 and tentative plans include 17 entertainment areas, four hotels, and a "space flight adventure" ride.