Pirate Vs. Musketeer

December 30, 2010

This will be my first gunpowder match up and basicly i wanted to see if i could do that sort of thing.


Pirate Vs. Musketeer

The Pirate                                                                                                              These thieving men started working for gouverments. Fighting for their king and attack ships of other kings. When all the european kings proposed a pact, the pirates started working for themselfs. Every pirate ship had its own set of rules and punishments.

The pirates fight with the cutlass and boarding axe, the blunderbuss, flintlock pistol and granado. He wears no armor.


The Musketeer                                                                                                        The elite guard of the french king. 200 in total and very skilled with both the musket and rapier. Only noble man could enter this position and even then only sons of musketeers were allowed.

The weapons of the musketeer are the rapier and main gauche, wheellock pistol, flintlock musket and grenade. They wear a steel breastplate.

The egdes:

Cutlass+Boarding axe Vs. Rapier+Main Gauche                                                       In my opinion does the rapier and main gauche combi get the egde. These weapons are a perfect combination for each other, your faster with thrusting then slashing and finally does the musketeer wear breastplate, which will counter the attacks.                Edge: Musketeer

Blunderbuss Vs. Wheellock pistol                                                                          Both weapons are prone to misfire but the blunderbuss gets the egde, due to the fact that it shoots more pellets then the wheellock pistol. One of the pellets will get to a vital area below or above the breastplate.                                                        Edge: Pirate

Flintlock Pistol Vs. Flintlock Musket                                                                        Both are flintlock and the musket has a longer range, but the pirates carries more then one pistol, making it shoot faster again then reloading the musket. I give the egde to the musket, because of the bayonet.                                                          Edge: Musketeer

Grenado Vs. Grenade                                                                                           Both are the same weapon with another name. The armour of the musketeer would not help much either consindering it only protects the chest.                                     Edge: Even

Armour                                                                                                              The Musketeer wears a breastplate which will help. It does not help much but it does help.                                                                                                                 Edge: Musketeer

Fire in tha Hollleeee!!


'Where is that town' The captain spoke. 'Sorry captain, it was a longer walk then i thought.' one of the pirates spoke. His name was Edward and he had promised that he would know a good bordello in France. The captain had chosen three other pirates who would allowed with him to scout the way and test the bordello. The other pirates could go when these guys had returned to the ship.  

This little group of pirates was made up of the captain, who always was ready for a bloody fight and was of noble origin. Edward, the man who promised the bordello and was a native of France, Jack, the new guy. Jack was very young and this was his first travel on a pirate ship. Harry fourfinger, he always liked things that go boom. The last man of this group was Gerry. He had the unusual habit to pee on his dead enemies. 'Harry, go and see if you see a town over there' as the captain said that, he pointed in the opposide direction of the woods, behind some big rocks. as Harry walked that way, the rest stayed in place.

The pirates never knew that they were hunted down by a group of musketeers. As the pirates had ported, a villager had run towards the nearest town warning everybody. Soon thereafter, a group of five musketeers had collected their weapons and began their search for the pirates. This party was made up of the Jean, the leader of this little group. Luke, great marksman. Betrand, a man who liked only two things, woman and his blade. Francois, a expert in the grenades, both making and using them and finally the alcoholic of the group, also named jean but nicknamed Liquer, do to this addiction.

After a while, the French guards, finally found some pirates. It was a party of four man who just stood their aimless in front of the woods. All musketeers drew their muskets and appeared from the bushes. 'Hands in the air' Jean yelled. As the pirates saw that they were outgunned, they put their hands in the air.            Pirates:5- Musketeer:5

Harry, who heard the commotion sneaked back and saw the french bastards with their guns. Acting quick, he took out a grenado and lit the fuse. When the fuse was burning, he thew it at the musketeers, waiting for the big bang.  'Grenade' Betrand yelled as the grenade hit the ground and exploded. Liquer and Francois got hit by the grenade and as Liquer fell dead on the ground, Francois lost his leg and collapsed to the ground. As the french were confused by the big bang, the pirates took off in the forest, with Edward and Harry drawing their blunderbuss and shooting at the french. One blunderbuss attack managed to hit Luke in the neck, killimgh him, while the other attack hit the breastplate of Betrand. Betrand aimed his gun at the pirate who had thrown the grenade and shot him in the head. As Edward ran to join the other pirates, Jean manages to shoot him in the back, dropping him down.    Pirates:4 - Musketeers:3

Jean attached his bayonet on the musket and walked towards the pirate who lay on the ground. The pirate turned around, holding a flintlock pistol. As the Bayonet  went towards the throat of the pirate, Edward shot his pistol, but to his frustration, nothing came out and the bayonet pierced his throat. While this all was happening, the stump where used to be a leg was, was wrapped by a piece of cloth. As Francois leaned on Betrand, Jean pulled out his wheellock pistol, entering the forest.              Pirates:3 - Musketeers:3

The pirates had ran to a cave, hidden in the forest. The captain looked around before giving orders. 'Gerry, take your pistols and go back. Try to reach the ship and if you have the chance, shoot these french.'He said as he spitted with the last word. 'Jack, in front of the cave are some big stones, hide behind them and shoot if they come near.' When both man got to their post, the captain sat down on the ground. 

The three musketeers were slowly progressing in the forest, looking for any sign of pirates at all. Jean had switched his wheellock again with his musket, with Betrand holding a wheellock as he still had the weight of the last french on him. Suddenly, Jean saw one of ther pirates running towards them and fired a shot. It was Gerry, holding two pistols of his own. He quicly took cover behind a tree as he heard the gunshot, with the tree getting hit by the gun. As Jean reloaded, Gerry took his oppertunity and shot Jean in the head, dropping him dead. He fired his other gun but Betrand had already dropped his companion and ran towards another tree. He fired a shot, hitting Gerry in the shoulder. Out of guns, Gerry grabbed his boarding axe, he always carried with him and ran towards Betrand. He smashed the wheellock out of the hands of the guard and as he was about to slash the french throat. before he could archieve this goal, Gerry heard a gunshot and was hit on his spinal cord, dropping him down. Betrand took the oppertunity to grab his main gauche and stabbed it in the heart of the pirate. When looking at Francois, who was holding a wheellock pistol, Francois replied 'I may be legless but im not helpless' with a grin.     Pirates:2 - Musketeers:2

Continuing their way, the musketeers saw a cave. A shot was heard and they saw one of the pirates with a blunderbuss in his hands behind some rocks in front of the cave. Both frenchmen had taken cover behind some trees and Francois quickly wormed over the ground towards some bushes. When he was there, he took his grenade, lit it and threw it behind the rock. Jack had never seen the grenade coming and when it exploded, he was thrown in the air as half his body was ripped apart.                       Pirates:1 - Musketeers:2

'Wait' Betrand yelled as Francois sneaked towards the cave, planning to bomb it too. But before he could lit the fuse, the captain suddenly came out of the cave, grabbing the french soldier and he threw him the cave in, making the grenadeer lose his weapon. Betrand saw this all happen and when the captain appeard, he reached for a wheellock and shot it. Misfire. angered, he drew his rapier and still bloody main gauche and set off towards the cave. The pirate captain drew his cutlass sword and slashed the throat of Francois as he tried to stand up. Betrand entered and both warriors engaged into a swordfight. Parrying and avoiding attacks, they succeeded in dealing minor scratches towards each other when suddenly betrand aimed his rapier towards the chest of the pirate. As the captain help up his sword to block, the french swordsman chanced direction with a flick of the wrist and the sword entered the knee of his enemy. Angry, the pirate slashed his sword towards the throat of the frenchman, who blocked the sword with his main gauche, twisted it to force the sword out fo the opponents hand and finally stabbed the pirate in the eye. The pirate fell down dead and Betrand sat down on the ground, taking a deep breath.                   Pirates:0 - Musketeers: 1                  

Winner: Musketeers


Musketeers: 39

Rapier/Main gauche: 8.5

wheellock pistol:7.5

Flintlock Musket: 8

Grenade: 8

armour: 7


Pirates: 37

Cutlass/Boarding axe: 8

Blunderbuss: 7.5

Flintlock Pistol: 7.5

Grenado: 8

Armour: 6


The musket in combination with the breastplate was too much for the pirate too overcome.


Hope you like and i like feedback.