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Mantenna - Monday, June 28

by spike.com   June 25, 2010 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 177

Sandra Bullock's divorce is finalized, Vince Neil gets arrested on a DUI charge, and a former tennis star accidentally overdoses...the Mantenna fears no man!

Photo:Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock’s Divorce Finalized

Sandra Bullock has officially divorced Jesse James. Last week both Bullock and James signed divorce papers in a Texas court, legally ending their five-year union. The papers are sealed but sources say the marriage is definitely over. Bullock sought a divorce in April after James admitted to multiple extramarital affairs. In the papers she filed April 23, Bullock wrote that the marriage “has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities." The divorce now paves the ways for Bullock to move forward and adopt her child Louis as a single parent. [TMZ]

Chris Klein Facing Jail

Chris Klein’s recent DUI could see him ending up in the slammer. The 31-year-old star of the American Pie films was caught April 16 driving with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. This is the actor’s second DUI after being convicted for a similar offence in 2005. If convicted of the second DUI, Klein faces a mandatory sentence of four days in jail. He will also have to install a device in his vehicle that will check his breath for alcohol every time he starts his car. Klein is currently undergoing treatment at a rehab facility after checking himself in last week. [People]

Vince Neil Arrested on DUI Charge

Photo:Handout/Getty Images

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was arrested on charges of drunk driving after getting pulled over by police in his Lamborghini near the Las Vegas Strip last night. Officer Bill Cassell said that Neil was taken into custody about 11:15 p.m. Sunday when he was stopped after leaving the Las Vegas Hilton hotel. Neil was released today after posting $2,000 bail. I can’t believe that this guy had the balls to declare his sobriety last week. [TMZ]

Former Tennis Star Accidentally Overdoses

Retired women's tennis icon Jennifer Capriati was released from the hospital after overdosing on painkillers over the weekend. Capriati claims the excessive pain killer intake was an accident, and that she was, in no way, attempting to harm herself. Apparently the "I'm holding it for a friend" excuse doesn't work here, so the old "I didn't mean to do it" fits better. Anyway, she's totally fine now and still not playing tennis, so this is the last you'll hear from her for a while. [ESPN]

That Hot Chick From Harry Potter You Feel Dirty for Staring at Now Has a Boyfriend

Emma Watson, who (despite being way out of his league) dates Harry Potter on film, is now dating One Night Only lead singer George Craig. The two were spotted together at a concert and later confirmed their relationship. Ron Weasely was not available for comment, but the majority of the British press believe that the two make an excellent pair. [Earth Times]

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