As If You Needed Another Reason to Distrust Valets

December 17, 2009

Dropping your car off with a valet can often be like taking the role of a protective father on prom night: you're forced to blindly place your trust in someone who is quite possibly untrustworthy. These videos, compiled by a group of misanthropic valets in St. Louis, just reinforces that fear.

Apparently the egos of the valets who used to be employed by the AAA Valet Service, who were commissioned by the St. Louis Hyatt Hotel to park customer cars, got the better of them and they felt compelled to post their exploits across the 'net.

The videos were quickly reported to the hotel, who has in turn contacted the valet service to let them know what their employees are doing with other people's cars. You can imagine were it went from there.

All we can say is, if one of our cars appeared in this video, violence would ensue. Violence.


Source: Jalopnik