Looks Like Alex Rodriguez Needs a New Wingman

January 11, 2010

Derek Jeter has always taken pride in being “just another one of the guys.” So, it came as no surprise when an occasionally reliable tabloid called The New York Post announced that the millionaire World Series champion would marry his TV star girlfriend at one of the world’s largest castles later this year – just like your neighbor and the manager at Applebee’s probably did.

The report claims that Jeter and girlfriend Minka Kelly (who plays a high school cheerleader on NBC’s Friday Night Lights) will wed on November 5, 2010, just after the MLB playoffs, which is coincidentally how my brother picked the date of his marriage. (It's very important to plan family events during the offseason. The last thing you want to do is miss the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament because your wife is going into labor.)

Anyway, time sure flies when you’re reporting on athlete marriages. It seems like just yesterday that Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan were buying engagement rings for the women who would eventually take half of their money.

Good luck, Derek.

Source: Kevin Kane/Wire Image/Getty Images