Taking It To The Next Level

by Robbie E    |  Views: 1,459

What's up bro? I know what you're thinking. Wow, this is gonna be so weird without Robbie T with me. But it's not, bro. It's better than ever now. Here are the reasons why my career is going to skyrocket now that I'm without a lame, oversized bouncer holding me back, bro.

5 - Image -- Looks are everything. And it's no secret that when Robbie T stood next to Robbie E he made me look second rate, bro. Big Rob was always way better looking than Bigger Rob.

4 - Winning - I was always losing when Rob Terry was around, bro. Why? Because he caused me to lose every match cause he's such a good bro. But now? Now Robbie E is gonna start winning! OH!!!!!

3 - The List - The show that I created and gets the highest ratings on impactwrestling.com will now be better and updated because my moron of a former bouncer isn't on it anymore, bro.

2 - Girls - When Bigger Rob was around the girls were often scared by him. But no more, bro. I already have Ez V (So Cal Val), my new bouncer, by my side, bro. Things are looking up for me again now that I lost the extra weight.

1 - Money - Do you know how much money I will save now that I don't gotta pay that fool, bro? I paid him 9 bucks a day PLUS a protein shake. He certainly was not worth that and he should have been paying me.

Until next week… OH! Bigger Rob is off the list for life, bro.


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