Surprise, Surprise

by MariShapiro   April 26, 2010 at 4:50PM  |  Views: 150

Nine days, eight flights, six cities. Sunday will definitely be my day of rest!

Good night.

Alex Shelley

Red Dawn
is a sweet movie. When we were little, myself and my little brother played cops and robbers and army soldiers pretty much every day during the summer with the other kids in our neighborhood. We had a pretty safe environment with a couple of really spacious backyards, and because our families were friends with everyone on the block, there were very few fences we weren't allowed to hop and very few properties we couldn't use as a battlefield or safe zone.

We'd wake up, gather up plastic weaponry, meet up with the other kids who were playing for the day, and break out into war. This was before The Price is Right came on at 11 am, cartoons came on at 3, and video games and lunch were sprinkled somewhere in between there.

Anyway, Red Dawn reminded me of that. It has some very young notables in it, and is the story of small town kids taking refuge in the mountains while alien forces take over their peaceful town and parts of the U.S. When I say aliens, I mean people from other countries, not the grays or something. That'd have been better though, in my opinion.

The movie's being remade and parts of it were filmed in Detroit. I honestly can't think of a better wartorn atmosphere for the film. I just hope it manages to keep the charm of the original and has a sweet soundtrack.

It's times like this I'm kicking myself for not pursuing any sort of acting roles, even if they don't interest me in the least. Being in a Red Dawn remake would be equal to winning a trophy at Arena Mexico, capturing tag titles at the Tokyo Dome, or getting a hole in one on the Cass Benton disc golf course.

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