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Deadliest Warrior Back for Blood: Zande Warrior vs Comanche

by PinkMeatShield   September 05, 2010 at 2:14AM  |  Views: 483

Short range: Makraka vs War Hawk

Makraka: 6/10

War Hawk: 8/10

The War hawk is superior this time, for greater range and power

Mid Range: Makrigga vs War Lance

War lance: 6/10

Makrigga: 9/10

Spear on Spear, the makrigga is way more damaging than the lance.

Long Range: Kpinga vs Comanche Bow and Arrow

Kpinga: 7/10

Comanche bow and arrow: 8/10

Comanche bow and arrow for much greater range

Special: Botto and Pima vs Scalping knife.

Botto and Pima: 6/10

Scalping knife: 3/10

Neither are too damaging, but poison, longer range, and superior killing ability grants the botto and pima the edge

Armour: Kube shield vs horse's agility

Kube: 4/10

Horse: 9/10

Horse, since you can attack from a higher ground and use the horse's power as well

The Zande warrior scans the savannah,waiting for an enemy to dare trespass. He sees one, a man riding a four legged beast. The Zande shouts, niam niam niam, hoping to intimidate the Comanche.

The Comanche scoffs at his noises, and fires an arrow. The arrow lodges through the shield and into the Zande's left shoulder. He grunted and ran closer. When he was close, he fired an arrow. The arrow struck the horse, bringing it into a frenzy. The Comanche was experienced, but the horse was struck in the neck, and with one push the Comanche was knocked to the ground, stunned.

The Zande had closed the distance and threw a Kpinga vertically. The blade's penis section embedded itself into the Comanche's shin. He shouted in pain and yanked it out and tossed it away. Charging, the Comanche readied his lance to fight the Zande. The Zande readied his Makrigga in retatliation. Spear on spear, both fought to a standstill. Then, the Comanche feigned a strick downwards, then stabbed his lance into the Kube and out the other end.

The Zande shouted in pain, the lance had hit the spot just under his arrow wound. Forced to drop the shield, the Zande used his makrigga to smack the war lance out from the Comanche's hands. When he thrusted again, he was greeted with a strange axe like tool cutting through the wood below the spearhead. Now that both were disarmed of their spears, the Zande pulled out his Makraka, and the Comanche his scalping knife to accompany his war hawk. Both clashed, the Zande's strength and skill versus the Comanche's agility and dual weapons.

Suddenly, the Zande dropped his makraka. The Comanche had gone up close and stabbed his tricep with his scalping knife. With the Zande at his mercy, the Comanche cut a wound into his neck with his axe. Then, he scalped him and raised the scalp. Smiling, he left to go back to his brothers and sisters.

Winner: Comanche

Zande total: 32

Comanche Total: 34

The overall winner is the Comanche! Though the Zande had brutal weapons, the Comanche had a horse and the better ranged weapon, earning him a close win.