The Forza 3 Development Team Sweats the Details

September 2, 2009

Without question, Forza 3 promises to be the most comprehensive driving game to date. With a roster of content so vast that it spans two discs and over 400 fully rendered (and destructible) vehicles, the latest Forza is about to set the bar quite high. In this interview with Forza's development team, we get a closer look at what goes into bringing to life one of the world's most coveted vehicles - the Bugatti Veyron, onscreen.

The Bugatti Veyron is the supercar which puts all other supercars to shame. With 16 cylinders, four turbos, and nearly 1000 horsepower in a vehicle smaller than a Jetta, it's no surprise that the Veyron is the current world record holder for top speed amongst road cars at 254mph. That's Formula 1 racecar territory, people. Here, we get a chance to see the level of painstaking detail involved in making the Veyron a reality in Forza 3.



Source: Joystiq