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Who's Really Behind Aces and Eights?

by Robbie E   May 08, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,926

What's up, bro? I'm back this week with another bro blog, because once a week I write bro blogs, bro. This week I'm writing this on my laptop from the beach, bro. I'm surrounded by hot chicks and I'm a little tipsy, of course.

Every fan that meets me asks methe same question: "Hey, Robbie E, who is really behind the Aces and Eights?" Who is even above Bully Ray? I'm telling you, bros, there has to be a higher power. Well now I know everything and am pretty sure I have properly narrowed it down to the five people that could be leading the group.

5 - Todd Kennely - He is new here and kind of came out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure he is a suit guy so Aces and Eights set up someone to be in the inside of things. That's so they would know the inner happenings. Plus, listen to homeboy's voice he's up to something for sure.

4 - Earl Hebner – He's been around the business long enough to know everything to help guys get in the inside of things. And he has definitely screwed people over before. He even admits it, so why wouldn't he again, bro!

3 - Miss Tessmacher – She's kinda been in hiding lately at IMPACT WRESTLING. I'm pretty sure it's because she is laying low. Plus I know she has done biker beauty pageants, proving she loves anything involved with motorcycles, bro.

2 - Brooke Hogan – I'm not buying the whole breakup between her and Bully Ray. I think it's a long setup to screw her father over for making her have an early curfew when she was younger, bro.Was I the only one who watched Hogan Knows Best?

1 - Al Snow's Jacket - Have you seen that thing? It definitely has a mind of its own and has to be some kind of alien or something.It comes to life when no one is looking. I'm pretty sure it controls all the minds of the Aces and Eights members and is leading them to take over and lead the demise of IMPACT WRESTLING, bro. It's really scary, if you think about it.

Until next week… oh...This was my blog, bro.

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