Mantenna - Thursday, May 14

May 14, 2009

Elton John helps Eminem through his drug hell, a student exposes herself in a yearbook photo, and 10 awesome slap-in-the-face's the Mantenna!

Source: Egotastic

Student Exposes Self in Year Book

A 16-year-old high school student from Tampa, Florida is in hiding after accidently exposing her private parts in a photo published in the Sickles High School 2009 yearbook. The student said she did not wear underwear to school the day the photo was taken because she was worried about her underwear line showing. A fellow student, Caitlin Darden, said, "When I saw it [the photograph], I kind of flipped out. I was like, 'Oh my God,' but I think that she's probably like really horrified." The controversy is the talk of the school and the girl’s mother wants the year books destroyed and republished without the offending photograph. [WTSP]

Web is a Flutter Over Nipple Slip Nobody

Another day, another “celebrity” nipple slip makes a splash across the World Wide Web. The problem is today’s “celebrity” can hardly qualify as a celebrity because no one in the United States has ever heard of her. Her name is Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and she is reportedly a British reality TV star and talk show host. Now she’s found world wide fame because she forgot to wear a bra and ventured into public wearing only a loose jacket. Congratulations Ms. Horgan-Wallace of being inducted into the Nipple Slip Hall of Fame! [Egotastic]

E.T. II: Never Gonna Happen

For a long time there’s been a rumor that a sequel to E.T. was a big possibility, and recently The National Enquirer even went so far as to report that Drew Barrymore was working behind the scenes with Steven Spielberg to make this happen. Turns out the story is a crock of crap – which is weird, seeing as I also learned that Bill Clinton had sired an alien baby in the pages of the Enquirer, and I know for a fact that that story is true. Anyway, the legit magazine Empire has quoted Spielberg as stating, “I’m never going to make E.T. IIE.T. is a closed story. It had a beginning, middle, and a definite ending, and we had nowhere to take it except to go home with him. Nor did I want to bring him back to Earth for a second time.” So all you movie conspiracy theorists can put that in your paranoid pipes and smoke it: E.T. II is just another withered up rumor going nowhere fast. [/Film]

10 Awesome Slap-in-the-Face Videos
Who doesn't like seeing someone getting clocked in the face by a good old fashioned open-handed smack? Whether the perpetrator is a scorned woman or even an animal in the wild, it's always enjoyable to see someone getting their lights clocked out -- as long as that someone isn't us. Thankfully, the good folks at Uncoached have rounded up some of the best slap videos around for your enjoyment. [Uncoached]

Elton John Helped Eminem Through His Drug Hell


Source: Hector Mata/Getty Images

Apparently Eminem turned to an unlikely counselor to help him battle his addiction to painkillers -- flamboyant rock star Sir Elton John. Em became a recluse following the release of his last album, Encore, in 2004 as he fought his drug demons. But it was his friendship with former cocaine addict John which set him on the road to recovery. He told the Metro Times newspaper, "I talk to Elton (John a lot). We became friends, and I talk to him about things, career-wise. Me and him have had similar lives and stuff. So I reached out to him and told him, 'Look, I'm going through a problem, and I need your advice.'" [Webnc]

Billy Ray Cyrus Returning to Mullet Festival

Guess who's coming back to the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival? That’s right, Billy Ray Cyrus. Organizers for the 33rd annual event announced the dates, Octobert 16th-18th, and the entertainment lineup today. According to a press release, Cyrus is set to close out the festival on Sunday. He is best known for the hit "Achy Breaky Heart" and for drawing record crowds to the Mullet Festival in 1992. Others scheduled to perform include Chuck Wicks on Friday night and Blake Shelton on Saturday night. Doctor Zarr's Amazing Funk Monster will take the stage Friday and Saturday. I’m so there! [NWF Daily News]

Fujitsu Beats Inel at Their Own Game, Claims Fastest Chip on the Planet

Fujitsu opened this year's Fujitsu Forum conference by kicking Intel squarely in the groin, debuting a new processor that's 2.5 times faster than anything the CPU giant has on offer, and one third as power-hungry. Called the SPARC64 VIIIfx (codename: "Venus"), this eight-cored slab of processor can crunch a staggering 128 gigaflops. This is amazing, but irrelevant to most of us — the Venus is destined to be clustered in supercomputers when it eventually ships, not plugged into your next custom PC build. But in time, that might change. [The Inquirer]

Analyst expecting $100 PS3 Price Cut Before Fall 09
According to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, the PS3 is due for a price cut sometime between E3 and the end of the summer. More specifically, Sebastian expects a cut of $100 from the console's current $399 price tag, putting it at a much more consumer-friendly $299. Anything less than $100, Sebastian told Gamasutra, "would likely be perceived negatively by the market." Given that both the Wii and Xbox 360 are priced at or below the $299 mark (with the exception of the Xbox 360 Elite), we'd say Sebastian is right to claim that any cut less than $100 would be unacceptable. Taking the current economic conditions into consideration, it's likely difficult for most people to justify the $399 price tag when there are comparable consoles to be had for less. [Gamasutra]

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