Soccer Referee Stabs Player, Now Faces Death Penalty and/or Yellow Card

August 24, 2010

A Brazilian soccer game turned ugly this weekend when a disgruntled referee stabbed two players over a disputed call. It’s unclear what provoked the attack, but many pundits believe that mild insanity or Adam West might be been to blame for the violent attack.

A local paper reports:

Referee Gregorio Edio Francisco Chaves, 26, attacked Jose Ramos da Silva during a dispute over a foul. Police reports say Chaves stabbed da Silva in the chest before turning on the 28-year-old's brother [and teammate], knifing him in the back multiple times.

The referee is currently at large, and Adam West has yet to deny any involvement in the attack. Stay tuned for more details.

(Update: Adam West likely had nothing to do with the stabbings.)

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images