Tom Brady Excited About Horrible New Endorsement Deal with Fancy Lady-Boot Company

December 1, 2010

You know those furry UGG boots that east coast teenage girls wear with leggings, peacoats, and parental disapproval? Well, starting next year New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will become the face of their (possibly) masculine ad campaign.

According to a press release issued by UGG, “the multi-year collaboration between the three-time Super Bowl champion and the brand will include Brady's casual footwear as well as select outerwear and accessories.”

That’s right, boys. You can accessorize just like Tom Brady!

While nobody is sure what motivated Brady to start selling shoes, the announcement does confirm that there are, in fact, things that not even Peyton Manning will appear in a commercial for. It just so happens that his New England rival is willing to hurl himself past the imaginary endorsement line that Manning swore he’d never cross.

Photo: Ronald C. Modra/Sports/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images