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The Eight Creepiest Things Found in Muammar Gaddafi's Palace

by DannyGallagher   September 08, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 102,109


Source: Epsilon/Getty Images News

A lifetime of violent excess and power can rack up a lot of weird stuff. These are the things found in the former Libyan leader's mancave that made us shiver in our skivvies.

8. Lots of Gold Guns

Source: Stockbyte/Getty Images

Any bloodthirsty tyrant with a will to enforce his power by any means necessary seems to have an obsession with gold. Turkmenistan dictator Saparmurat Niyazov had a golden statue of himself on a monument that rotated 360 degrees so it could always face the sun. Saddam Hussein had a gold toilet, gold toilet brushes, and gold leafed toilet paper. I don't even want to know what Imelda Marcos had dipped in gold in her bathroom.

Gaddafi was no exception to this rule of crazy leaders. When the rebels stormed his compound, they found a whole cache of weapons and some in his personal stash that had been dipped in liquid gold, including a handgun encrusted with jewels with his name carved into the handle and a gold rifle.

7. Pet Lions

Source: Gary S Chapman/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

No one should ever wish harm on animals. It's still disheartening to see mad dictators rule their people with an iron fist and somehow, they have enough compassion left over to treat animals with more dignity and respect than their fellow man. It's the same with cat people.

The former Libyan dictator had more than just his fair share of pets. He also had a fully stocked and staffed private zoo for his children that only they could visit. In fact, his son Saadi kept nine lions as pets in his private animal sanctuary and visited them every day with a squad of armed guards. I'll bet one of them was named Fuzzball.

6. A Massive Jake Gyllenhaal Poster From Prince of Persia

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Some dictators have an unhealthy obsession with fantasy and pop culture, like North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, who loved films so much that he kidnapped a famous film director dubbed "the Orson Welles of South Korea" and his actress wife and forced them to produce an epic film for him.

Gaddafi seemed to have an obsession or, at least, a very intense interest in either the latest Prince of Persia movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal or the actor in the lead role, as evidenced by the very large movie poster plastered on the wall of one of his grand halls. I'm guessing it's the movie since they haven't found a similar poster for Brokeback Mountain...yet.

5. His Own Neverland-style Amusement Park

Source: Jason Kirk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you try to imagine the fortified compound of a mad dictator with an entire army trained to protect him at all costs, you might imagine some kind of weapons depot encased in a four foot thick cement wall that's coated with barbed wire and outfitted with high-caliber sniper towers. The last thought you probably have is "a private Disney Fantasyland".

And yet that's almost what Gaddafi had in his backyard. His own private amusement park included concessions, games and even rides like a sky-swinger and a teacup ride that look like they're straight out of some mini-Disney World. Just imagining Gaddafi having a grand ol' time on a carousel in the middle of a war-torn nation where people suffer makes the cotton candy rise in my gullet.