Tournament Finale Royale

January 15, 2011

War Nerd vs Delinquet vs Camper

Water bottle vs Knife vs Knife

Edge Knife

Tentpole vs Paintball BT-4 Ironhorse vs Hoe

Edge Hoe because it can kill the best.

Red Ryder BB Gun vs Daisy Model 105 BB Gun vs Slingahot

Edge Model 105 for a little less weight.

Fishing pole vs Sewage Mine vs Microwave Bomb

Edge Fishing Pole for versatility,ease of use and reliability


Soldiers.As you know,we have recently been threatened by cops.Our finest assasin,was killed.Others have fallen.But I,John Ludger,declare us the finest club internationally!To retain that title,I have sent five War nerds to the others base.Thank you for your time.

And thus,5 War Nerds were sent to kill the leaders of the other clubs.They arrived in full battle armor,in case they brought back up.They looked in,and shot a BB at one.Everybody was surprised.The victim was an extremly important camper,but not the leader.4 campers drew arms,and shot back.1 war nerd was killed.


Just then,In the midst of the fight,the microwave blew up,killing 2 Campers and a War nerd.What the heck was that?!Said a camper.A war nerd sniper noticed an older kid.A delinquet.He shot with his 105.

Another Delinquet stepped on a mine,and his knife blew away and hit a camper in the neck.