Mel Brooks on Getting "Get Smart"

May 22, 2008


The new adaptation of “Get Smart” is (smartly) beingdirected by the mega-talented Mel Brooks who, actually, created the original television series.  The L.A. Times interviewed himabout the movie and the directorial process, and his ineffable charm is summedup after the jump: 

Q: Does "Get Smart" have a fan following in thespy community?

A: I once met somebody from the CIA who said they were very big fans. Hesaid "I work for the Department of Transportation" Then he winked andsaid, "It's really CIA." I said, "OK, OK. Maybe there's moremoney in transportation. You should go there." He said all the CIA guysloved the show. I thought they'd hate it. Maybe they're smarter than I thought.

That’s completely nuts.  That’s not a scene from the movie.  A real CIA agent winked and whispered his real job to Mel Brooks.  I’m not in the department of HomelandSecurity, but if I were, I probably wouldn’t tell Mel Brooks. 

Mel says later in the interview it’s becausethey’re too “white-bread” and the L.A. times inserted the bracketed phrase [mutlicultural people] for whatever group(s) he thought ought to be more prevalent in the bumbling agency.  Get Smart:  It's funny because it's true.

In the rest of the interview Brooks continues withpredictable liberal hilarity, ends in a Bush joke (thought he’d be over ‘em bynow) and all in all gives me great, white-bread hope for this flick.