CES 2009: HP Firefly Concept Notebook

January 9, 2009

Size matters. This is true in both penises and laptops.  We’ve found in our coverage of both AVNs and CES that it is more true when it comes to technology, though.  A behemoth of a laptop like the HP Firefly draws a lot more water than, say, a typically enormous man like Ron Jeremy. 

Though not in production yet, the HP Firefly notebook is a 17-inch desktop replacement laptop that has a few features which distinguish it from existing desktop replacements.

The most immediately noticeable of these features is the 4.3-inch, miniature LCD screen positioned below the much larger 17-inch 1920 x 1200 display.  It's intended as a second display, but when used, it functions more like a folder with preview capability.  You can drag your webmail or music applications there so that while your slaying orcs in WoW you can still listen to the new Guns n' Roses or get updates on Woot deals.  However, you can’t really read anything on the little screen, but it’s enough to keep you aware of important computing developments – think of it like picture-in-picture on a big screen TV. 

Also, for those of you who think that maybe screen size isn’t as important as the measurement more popularly touted in the adult entertainment expo:  the Firefly has a nightvision webcam.  How you use that is up to you and your fans on livecam.com.