A 3D Webcam for Better Cybersex

January 26, 2009

This 3D webcam uses stereoscopic (two-camera) eyeballs to render you into the third dimension and transmit you to whoever you want to see you in eye-popping, red-and-blue reality. 

One wonders why they didn’t use the much cooler and cleaner type of 3D technology that the movies you see in 3D movies these days use.  Since the price is in English pounds, I’m going to guess that it’s because of the inborn British penchant for kitsch.

The third dimension is the next place a lot of media will be going.  DVDs, video games, and even movies in theaters have already begun to dabble.  And, just like your first girlfriend, a little dabbling can lead to a whole lot of awesome down the road.  Consider this 3D webcam 2nd base. 

Image Source: Firebox