Knight vs Ninja

October 23, 2010

Beginning Assessment: France's holy armored killers. Japan's stealthy quick assassins. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Broadsword.

Medium Range: Halberd.

Long Range: Crossbow.

Special: Morningstar.


Short Range: Ninjato.

Medium Range: Kusarigama.

Long Range: Shuriken & Blowgun.

Special: Nunchakus.


Broadsword vs Ninjato. Edge = Broadsword.

The Knight has steel plates for armor, which the Ninja will have a tough time getting through, but no armor and sword on the Ninja makes him a dead boy [trying to make it sound like, 'all work and no play make Jack a dull boy,' (Shining)]

Halberd vs Kusarigama. Edge = Kusarigama.

I love both of these weapons, but the Kusarigama can make it pass the Knight's armor, and also it is 8 feet longer, making it 14 feet with its chain on the bottom. But this was close considering the axe, hook, and spear.

Crossbow vs Shuriken & Blowgun. Edge = Crossbow.

Since the Ninja has no armor, the bolts of the Crossbow easily kill him, while the darts and stars will have to hit the eye slots in the Knight's helmet.

Morningstar vs Nunchakus. Edge = Morningstar.

Both these weapons are very similar, but the Morningstar wins because the spike will obliterate your head in half the time the Nunchakus can.


A Knight is seen riding his horse throughout a small village. He senses trouble, because the town seems quiet. Too quiet... He pulls out a morningstar and starts swinging it. He pulled the reigns on his horse lightly, telling him to slowly walk.

The Knight and his horse turn a corner, where he sees a man dressed in black running from someone. The Ninja turns back to see a Samurai. He pulls up an axe and throws a chain. It wraps around the neck of the Samurai which chokes him to death.

The Ninja turns back to see the Knight posted on his horse, and after seeing the Ninja kill the Samurai, he thinks he's evil and gallops his horse towards him. The morningstar almost hits him, but he backflips out of the way. He threw the kusarigama and the chain wrapped around the Knight's waist.

The Ninja yanks the chain, pulling the Knight off his horse, making him drop his star. But he got a new one. Not a morning star, but a Ninja star, or shuriken. It hit him in the chest, but just bounced off. He gets up, and pulls the chain still wrapped around his waist. He pulls a broadsword out from his waist and cuts the chain in half.

The Knight runs forward the Ninja. The Ninja pulls the ninjato from under the scabbard behind his back. The Ninja jumps and kicks the Knight in the chest, using him as a stepping stone and slices down on the Knight's shoulder. The blade bounced off, but it did leave a long dent in the armor. The Knight slashed in the air, scraping the cloak on the Ninja's arm, leaving a horrible scar on his wrist.

The Ninja jumps away, and when he lands, he pulls up a blowgun and shoots a dart. It hit the Knight right in the heart. But like everything else, it failed to penetrate. The Knight returned to his horse and grabbed a crossbow.

He shot the first bolt, but the Ninja was able to dodge out of its way. The Knight reloaded and shot again. This time the bolt hit the Ninja's leg. The Ninja started limping, making him lose his agility. He was, however able to get closer and slice the crossbow in half. The Knight backed away, and pulled up his halberd from his horse.

The halberd's hook was able to take away the Ninja's sword, and tried to stab him. However, the Ninja was able to sidestep, and then after another spear jab, he backed away. He revealed his nunchakus and was able to dent the spear part. It jabbed again into the Ninja's chest, but since it was dented it hit him flat. The Knight turns the halberd and tries to hit him with the axe.

The nunchakus were cut in half by the axe, and he backed away again. The Ninja didn't have any more weapons. He tried to spin and run away, but his wounded leg made him limp again. He was too slow. The axe cut into his neck, decapitating him. The Knight rose over him, and chopped him again in the stomach. The Knight roared in victory.

Knight: 658.

Broadsword: 235.

Halberd: 221.

Crossbow: 87.

Morningstar: 115.

Ninja: 342.

Ninjato: 111.

Kusarigama: 136.

Shuriken: 2.

Blowgun: 7.

Nunchakus: 86.

Ending Assessment: The Knight's armor kept him from getting hurt 66% of the time because of his armor and weapons.

Best Weapon: The Knight's meat slashing Broadsword ended up with 235 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Ninja's Shuriken only cut into the Knight twice.