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E is for Entourage

by Robbie E   August 23, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 1,408

What up, my dudes? Everyone is always asking Robbie E who he parties with while on the road. Obviously everyone wants to party with me 'cause it not only guarantees them VIP at any club, but also assures them free drinks, press, and then you're definitely surrounded by mad hot girls, bro. Well here is a LIST of who I choose to roll with for IMPACT WRESTLING night life.

5 - Bobby Roode - I mean, yeah, he is the complete opposite of me, but bro, he is a former world champ and actually does real well with the ladies. A few of us call him samba man. Dude is the king of the jungle and hunts his prey well. He's always scoring a chick after he's got a few bottles of red wine in him, man. He could pick up a check once in a while though. Selfish Generation all day, bro.

4 - Magnus - Similar to B-Roode, Magnus is chill to be around because like me, he is always swarmed by women. He dresses well and knows how to party, bro and when me and him get together I feel bad for every other guy in the place 'cause they have no chance at any girl.

3 - Eric Young - Now that EY has his own show on some channel that isn't Spike (check your local listings bro), he gets a lot of paparazzi following him. So I figure I could use that hamster to steal some of his fame. He is so dumb he doesn't even realize -- he actually thinks he has a chance of getting on the LIST. In his dreams, bro. He will always be a penguin. His girl can drink though, no joke.

2 - Jeremy Borash - JB is perfect to have around to be out with. No, seriously. He is the designated driver, which you gotta have when you party like I do, man. He buys everything for us, and all the girls think I am actually nice for hanging out with someone that dresses so bad.

1 - Bigger Rob - Obviously my bouncer is number 1, bro. You know how many dudes try to fight me when I am out? Because of the way I'm dressed, my hair, my tan, by body, my fame. I mean, come on. But then when they see him having my back they just look the other way. Bigger Rob is my dude for life!

Until next week...OH YOU AIN'T ON THE LIST BRO...


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