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The Hogan Conspiracy

by Robbie E   April 18, 2012 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 1,984

I'm keeping this short because I'm not in a good mood, bro! As you know this past Sunday night was one of IMPACT WRESTLING's biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year, Lockdown! It was live from Nashville, Tennessee and I was tanned up and looking good in my fresh pink gear, my dude! Big Rob also looked fresh in his tight black tank top, bro he was looking more jacked than ever. I told JB before my match that I was 100 percent gonna leave the Pay-Per-View a 2 time TV champ!

Well, obviously you hamsters saw that it didn't go down like that. First off, let me state that I should still have the title, because at Victory Road I challenged any fan from the audience. Devon is not a fan but a hamster that is a regular on the IMPACT WRESTLING roster. So now I do finally get my rematch that I should have received way sooner and it's in a cage, my dude? Is that fair?

I mean come on bro, there is a conspiracy against Big Rob and Bigger Rob. Someone upstairs in this company doesn't wanna see Robbie E and Robbie T succeed and I think it's our new hamster of a boss, Hulk Hogan. I will tell ya why, cause he knows his daughter wants me, bro. Well Hulk, get over it cause you or Brooke ain't on THE LIST!

Devon, you better stay ready cause I'm not done with you as you still have something that belongs to me, bro. I'm pissed off and it is going to show very shortly on IMPACT WRESTLING! Till next week...Like you don't already know… You ain't on THE LIST bro!!!!!!!

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