Hitler Stars in Cheeky Sex Tape

September 3, 2009

Who knew Adolph Hitler had a sex tape?

The organizers of World AIDS Day 2009 have created a powerful PSA using the image of Hitler. The PSA takes the form of a sex tape and shows the reviled German leader doing it every which-way with a big breasted brunette. It is unknown at first that the gentleman in the film is Hitler until towards the end when his famous moustache is revealed. The PSA ends with the tagline “AIDS is a mass murderer.”

The organizers say “the campaign is designed to shake people up, to bring the topic of AIDS back to centre stage, and to reverse the trend of unprotected sexual intercourse. Because anyone can become infected.” For more info visit: aids-is-a-mass-murderer.com.

Check out the NSFW PSA below. Do you think it goes too far?

Source: World AIDS Day