10,000 Ways To Die. # 1003: Rapier Caper.

October 1, 2010

This is a made up death; names, dates, etc., are just made up by the writer.

Date: February, 19, 1986.

Location: Blanc, France.

Narrator: To end the 1986 Winter Sporting Events of France, a Fencing Competition is almost over. And so are the lives of the fencers. You see Jean-Paul was a regular fencer that could never win against one of his mortal enemies, Alexandre. Alexandre was the best of the best, shadowing over Jean-Paul every year for winning the Fencing Competition. So to even up the battle, Jean-Paul smuggled a Rapier into the Competiton. No one really noticed though, due to being very skinny and almost the same in looks to a fencing sword.

Alexandre: Why do even try Jean-Paul? You'll never beat me! I will always win!

Jean-Paul: Oh, I'll show you, I will be the last one laughing! I'm going to win this year!

Narrator: Whiny as an infant, Jean-Paul really went with his "brilliant rapier plan", and started to battle Alexandre. At first he made it look normal, doing his normal routine. He let Alexandre's sword hit him in the chest, and since that was the first game, he was going to kill with the second. After taking a short break, both Alexandre and Jean-Paul came back to battling, and at the same time, they both planted their swords on eachother. Both died. Let's find out why: After the break started, Alexandre pulled off the safety tip on the fencing sword, making it almost as deadly as Jean-Paul's rapier. As they both planted the blades in eachother, blood squirted out, and studies done later found the two cheaters in a death battle.

Dr. Armand Dorian as medical response: I've seen many sword injuries, so when you take a sword and plant it in another person's chest, you immediately tear through the skin and the muscle, leaving the heart and ribs and various other organs and parts to their fate. I would not be suprised if I knew that these sword were killing swords and not a regular, safe, fencing sword with the tip on.