Mantenna - Wednesday, June 23

June 23, 2010

Vanessa Bryant hates Khloe Kardashian, Daniel Radcliffe thinks Justin Bieber is a girl, and the White House lays the smackdown on Internet piracy...the Mantenna is livin' on a prayer!

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Vanessa Bryant Hates Khloe Kardashian

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa is not a fan of Lamar Odom’s wife Khloe Kardashian or the entire Kardashian family. Tension between the two Laker wives came to a head during the recent NBA finals. According to In Touch Weekly, “Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, "hates" Khloe and her entire family, whom she sees as attention-grabbing fame-seekers.” Vanessa has frozen out Khloe from Laker wives events and even refuses to sit near her at games. She is reported to have said, “Khloe is a fake wife.” Apparently the feeling is mutual and Khloe doesn’t want anything to do with Vanessa. Me-ow! [In Touch]

Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Justin Bieber is a Girl

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe must have been living under a rock as he has just become aware of Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber.  He told MTV News, “I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time, like, two weeks ago. I genuinely thought it was a woman singing. I'd never heard it before.” Radcliffe said he been busy shooting the final Harry Potter film and that Bieber-fever has not yet spread across the pond to the U.K. [Hollywood Crush]

Drake Debuts at No. 1 On Billboard 200

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images 

Times are a-changin', people. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Drake's solo debut Thank Me Later sold an impressive 447,000 copies and hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. It's the third-best sales week of the year for a single album. This may not be a big deal for most, but this is a very good sign that this dude is gonna be around for a little longer than expected. Congrats, Drizzy. [Billboard]

Shocking New Article Claims Tiger Woods is Not the Only Pro Athlete Who Cheats on His Wife

An anonymous NFL player has recently scribed an article documenting the correct way to cheat on your wife and collect a harem of sports groupies. He claims that "if a woman is 'there' for a player's late nights and she keeps what's going on in the conversations and the relationship private, she should be rewarded.. If you're having sex with a waitress, give her a grand every few weeks" and to always consider the mistresses' feelings. Quite frankly, the scumbag makes a lot of sense. [NY Daily News]

White House Lays the Smackdown on Internet Piracy

On Tuesday, much to the delight of deep-pocketed industry types, the White House unveiled a comprehensive new plan to take a larger role in combating online piracy and counterfeit goods. The plan focuses largely on foreign websites that serve pirated movies, music, and applications (i.e. The Pirate Bay). Combatting these evil doers will fall under the responsibility of FBI, FTC, and the Justice Department, who will all be ramping up investigations. [The Hill]

White iPhone 4 Models Delayed Until Next Month

Looking to get that extra bump in style from your new iPhone by way of a white bezel? Unfortunately, you'll be hard pressed to find any on store shelves tomorrow, as Apple has announced that the white versions of the new smartphone have "proven more challenging to manufacture than expected" and have thus delayed the phone's arrival until the middle of July. While speculation runs rampant about the validity of that claim, the bottom line is, no white iPhones for you! At least until the middle of July, anyway. [Gizmodo]

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