Trying to Impress the Ladies Will Kill You

August 5, 2011

If you're working real hard to get the attention of that hot little number at the end of the bar, you might want to stop and think about the effect it's having on your body (and not just THAT part, sicko).

Men have long gotten the short end of the stick with it comes to morality, but science hasn't really had an explanation for that. One theory suggests that our never-ending quest for the fairer sex is to blame. A biologist with France’s University of Burgundy suggests that the Middle Eastern birds known as the houbara bustards have males that age twice as fast as the females and those males who have, shall we say, a higher zest for living than others age even more rapidly.

It's basically the difference between playing a short- or a long-term game. Those birds who invest in more physically demanding and elaborate sexual advances tend to burn out quicker and their reproductive qualities die out faster than those who play the field more conservatively. Therefore, "a general decline in physiology leading to a shorter lifespan would be the expectation."

The study doesn't offer a direct correlation between these birds and humans, but the patterns are notably similar even though the birds don't use overpriced Corvettes to attract females.

Photo: rubberball/Getty Images