Diego Sanchez vs Luigi Fioravanti at the TUF Finale

June 21, 2008
Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravanti


Round One
The fight open with a quick punch exchange and near takedown by Diego. Diego continues as the aggressor and misses a big head kick before letting loose with another flurry of punches. Luigi lands a good leg kick before Diego throws more quick combos and lands an uppercut, followed by a flying knee. Luigi lands a good counter hit before Diego connects with a head kick. Diego tries for a takedown, but Luigi lands a knee and a right hook.

Diego lands a good combination and the two lock against the fence. Diego throws a knee and the two break. Diego goes for another takedown but Luigi rolls him off. Diego gets another uppercut. Luigi lands a good head kick after Diego misses a high kick of his own. The two lock against the fence and Luigi ends the round with a takedown.

Round Two
Luigi opens by landing two good hits before Diego connects with a strong right and knocks him down. Diego scrambles on top and gets a few body hits before Luigi escapes and gets back up. Diego gets another right and the two lock against the fence but Luigi escapes yet again. Diego drops Luigi with another knockdown and lets out a flurry of punches. He almost locks a kimura but can't keep Luigi gets back to his feet. Luigi lands a few good combos before the round ends.

Round Three
Luigi starts the round off with a strong fadeaway left hook. Diego goes for a single leg takedown but can't land it and Luigi spins out. Another scramble leaves Luigi open to a knee and uppercut from Sanchez. Luigi heads to the mat and and almost gets on Luigi's back, but he rolls out. With just under a minute left in the match, Diego lands a huge head kick which dazes Luigi. Diego follows it with a big knee and some ground and pound before the Ref stops it.

Diego Sanchez wins by TKO.[video]2995884 [/video]