Method Man Sued for Allegedly Shooting a Fan

August 5, 2009

A Houston woman who sought an autograph from Method Man is suing him, claiming he assaulted her with a deadly weapon.

Mary Anderson of Fort Bend County is saying that Method Man shot her with a pellet gun from the window of his tour bus outside the House of Blues in Houston.

Anderson is claiming she sought an autograph after Method Man’s November 19th concert in downtown Houston when the incident occurred. She filed a police report and was treated for minor injuries the next day, according to her attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

Mary Anderson sued Method Man last month, whose given name is Clifford Smith, in Harris County District Court.

According to the lawsuit, Method Man was signing autographs for fans out of the back window of the bus after the show. Anderson handed Method Man her concert ticket to sign, but then he pulled out the gun and fired at her. She claims she was hit at least six times in the stomach and chest.

The lawsuit states that the shooting was unprovoked and does not request a specific dollar amount. The suit also asks for compensation for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, and disfigurement.

I always thought getting shot with a pellet gun was a sign of affection. Guess I was wrong…

Source: Nicky J. Sims/Getty Images