On The Heels of the Lockdown

by Monster_Abyss   April 23, 2009 at 1:59PM  |  Views: 62

Wow everybody what a huge weekend this past one was, sending us into a new week of all new iMPACT action. Welcome to this week's edition of THE MONSTER BLOG.  We are on the heels of the greatest pay per view event in TNA history.  I did not fair too well. The Doomsday Chamber of Blood match was as brutal and barbaric as everyone had predicted. I was lacerated deep early on but continued to fight and actually came back to make Matt bleed.  I had him beat. I had him defeated. But then Dr. Stevie decided to come down to the ring and take away my weapons!  I was in shock.  I could have beat Matt with that chair but Dr. Stevie took it away. I could have again beat Matt, but Dr. Stevie took away my most prized possession... my bag of precious thumb tacks.  I was pouring them out and anticipating the end of Matt Morgan when Dr. Stevie decided to reinforce his point and came into the ring. This allowed Matt to capitalize on the situation because of the distraction. I'm so mad at Matt, but I'm even more upset with my doctor.  You see Dr. Stevie and I are not on the same page anymore and quite honestly I do not know what he's doing. I'm so confused.  Can I trust him? Is he really looking out for my best interests? I don't know what to do.  And to complicate matters more, my best girlfriend ever, Lauren, is coming with me to my session with Dr. Stevie this Thursday on iMPACT.  I hope she keeps her cool.  She is quite upset with how he has treated me.
LOCKDOWN however, was a magnificent event.  TNA Wrestling really shined to the whole world as we put on a fabulous wrestling show that had so many elements I can hardly remember them all.  Who will ever forget Mick Foley defeating Sting to become the TNA World Heavyweight champion?? I sure won't. It was a gruesome fight between these two iconic veterans that went down to the wire.  I was shocked to see Bobby Lashley appear during the event. Wow what a huge surprise!  I got to meet Danny Bonaduce before LOCKDOWN started. He was a nice man but wow he is small.  I could never imagine a character like him being so tiny.  None the less, he could really swing those num chucks couldn't he???  He didn't seem quite the same afterwards when I saw him after Rhino gored him through the ropes.  All in all, a historic weekend for TNA Wrestling. Wow we just keep getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go by.


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