Roy Nelson Wins Again, Chickens Pay The Price

November 12, 2009

It's fight week with me and Justin, which sounds exciting but not really since I am the official suck meter for the UFC. So how exciting can it get with two guys that aren't getting coached, and only one guy who is ultimately the most impressive fighter Dana has seen on the on the show (besides Kimbo).
We start this week with Matt having his head rattled, and being beat up and sick from his fight with Scott. I personally think Matt was rattling the other fighters and the coaches in the house with his brain damage. With Matt playing his swollen head to the fullest and Team Rampage using that to help Kimbo get ready to make his UFC do-over.
Next we have Rampage abusing these poor old chickens by putting them in 110 degree car for a practical joke. PETA would be very angry if they found out that we made them into the Burger King's Angry Chicken sandwich. Let me tell you the Burger King's Angry Chicken is a great tasting sandwich and I know sandwiches, but don't ask me about fighting though, I suck.
Then we had Dana come to the house and see if Matt was not fighting so he could put the first string in with Kimbo but no dice, Matt still wanted to fight. We still have next week to see if Kimbo makes his come back.
Now the show is about the people fighting on this week’s episode with Justin and me. The team was split up so we could train for our upcoming fights, which was really weird since we were fighting our friends, and teammates. Justin, Scott, and I became good friends in the house and it was probably the hardest mental fight of my life. Since I did not want take my friend’s dream away.
Now it is fight day and the moment has come. Today my emotions were all over the place on how to fight Justin. It became clear when I realized how much his friendship meant to me in the house. I figured I would try to please Dana and Justin with a stand-up fight and make it a glorified sparring match. During the first two rounds I made sure I hit him more then he hit me and made sure I didn't hurt him but did just enough to get the win. I was hoping that it went to the third round since I would have probably finished the fight and I would have been happy to make the cash bonus to buy few of Burger King's Angry Chickens. But I was glad it didn't because I wanted the fight to end and not hurt my friend.
Next week we have Brendan fighting Matt Hughes' wrestler Jon Madson and we get to see who wins the coaches challenge. You will have to watch next week to find out. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Kimbo rattles Matt's head to see if he quits and get his spot in the quarterfinals.
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