Former NASCAR Driver Completes a Crime Spree Hat Trick (Allegedly)

June 7, 2010

It takes a pretty talented criminal to commit three different felonies (or misdemeanors) over a three-week span. It takes a lot less skill, however, to get caught every single time.

Ex-Nascar driver James Neal put the exclamation mark on his delinquent trifecta after amassing some minor drug charges over the weekend.

In case you don’t remember, Neal was recently charged with rape five hours after walking away from a two-week prison stint he earned for a high speed chase he led down a California freeway.

Obviously, Neal learned his lesson in prison, because shortly after being released on bond (for the rape thing) authorities were notified that Neal had methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia in his motel room.

The 56-year-old crime enthusiast is now sitting in an Orange County jail cell awaiting bail. Hopefully the judge puts a little hustle into his hearing, because breaking laws in jail is shockingly difficult and Neal has a pretty impressive streak going.

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images