WiFi-Enabled, Solar Powered Tent Takes Camping into the 21st Century

June 23, 2009

Interested in experiencing the true outdoors, but hesitant to relinquish all the swankiness of your sweet modern lifestyle? Well, this new offering from tent manufacture Orange comes with more luxuries than most downtown lofts.

This super tent concept comes to us from U.K. mobile phone company (and concept tent designer?) Orange and, even if it were simply a camping tent, the aesthetics alone would warrant its existence. But because this concept generates its own power by harnessing the sun's rays, and provides high speed internet access to boot, it has ascended to a level of truly awesome excess.

This portable penthouse ultilizes photovoltaic fabric to produce energy without bulky, inflexible solar panels. This power feeds gadgets that are stored in a magnetic induction pouch and also drives a flexible LCD screen with wireless internet, to boot.


The Orange tent also uses "glo-cation technology" which helps you find your home away from home when you're in a drunken stupor and lost in the woods using your cell phone to identify your tent via either an SMS or RFID technology. Activate it, and the dome of the tent will glow gently, guiding you back to your sleeping bag, where a hungry bear will probably be waiting for you to come back with (or as) food.

Source: Bornrich