Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried Kiss in Jennifer's Body

September 15, 2009

Despite the fact that Megan Fox's new high school horror film Jennifer's Body is getting some negative buzz, it's going to be undeniably sexy. Aside from the fact that it's got Megan Fox doing all kinds of nasty things, there's a scene that's been leaked of Fox and Seyfried going girl-on-girl. Hit the jump to see the video of the hotness.

They don't get too down and dirty, but they kiss and it's hot as all get out. Makes you wonder how many moments like these are in the rest of the film, and whether it'll be worth it to buy a ticket to find out.


Fox is going to have to find a way to supplement her income now that the war is on between her and director Michael Bay. Then again, Transformers needs her as much as it needs Bay.

So what are your thoughts about Jennifer's Body, and Megan Fox in general? Is she a hottie with too little talent who's worn out her welcome, or are you getting pumped for her large part as a prostitute with a heart of gold in Jonah Hex?

Source: 20th Century Fox