2010 Nissan GT-R V-Spec Details Revealed!

December 1, 2008

Nissan has just dropped the deets on the 2010 super duper edition of their beastly GT-R. The V-spec model, which is to be released just eight days into 2009, is expected to take back the throne as the King of the Nurburgring. But at a cost of more than DOUBLE what a regular GT-R will set you back, what exactly are you getting?

Well, first off, don't expect any more power, at least according to Nissan. Contrary to the rumored 520hp we'd all hoped for, the plan is to stick with the 478hp twin-turbo'd V6 from the regular GT-R, and instead focus on weight and suspension tweaks.

At over 3,800 pounds, the GT-R is portly by supercar standards. To address this, Nissan is ditching the back seats in favor of a carbon fiber shelf, and healthy use of the material in areas like body trim and interior bits has also been revealed. Exact weight figures haven't been released yet, but anything that helps in the power-to-weight ratio department is always good.

The ECU will also receive an "overboost" tweak, giving the motor more power in midrange revs situations like passing. And I don't mean on the freeway.

All of this is good news, but then we heard the price: $160,000. At more than TWICE what a normal GT-R costs, this is a bit out of hand. It's hard to imagine that a reputable tuner company couldn't take a regular GT-R and make it as fast, or faster, than this V-spec model for a lot cheaper. Guess we'll have to see what kind of numbers the new model makes at the track to see if it's all really worth it.