Losers Bracket: Round 1 Match 4: Shaka vs Zande Warrior

January 10, 2011


Two of Africa's most brutal tribal fighters are pitted in the Arena!



Short Range- Makraka (curved knife)

Mid Range- Makrigga (spear)

Long Range- Kpinga (dick joke waiting to happen) (Thrown Blade)

Special- Botto and Pima (Poison Bow and Arrow)

Armor-  Thin wicker shield

Tactics- Intimidation, Ruthlessness

Shaka Zulu

Short Range- Iklwa (Short Spear)

Mid Range- Zulu Axe

Long Range- Iwisa (Throwing Club)

Special- Spit of poison

Armor- Large Hyde Shield

Tactics- Speed, Brutality


Short Range- Iklwa vs Makraka

I really feel like the Makraka was more of a ceremonial weapon, as I can't see how exactly it would be effective in any situation other than execution. It would definitely be better if the back edge was sharpened, but it wasn't mentioned on DW, so unfortunately that's as far as that goes. The Iklwa is a great spear, very sharp, and it allows the user to stay mobile while stabbing or cutting. It can also be used with the shield to a great effect, which will definitely come in handy against the Zandes arsenal. An easy edge goes to the Iklwa.

Edge- Iklwa

Mid Range- Makrigga vs Zulu Axe

The Zulu Axe is pretty nice, and the sides can most definitely be used for disarming slashing weapons. It's head is kind of strange to me in design, but it is undoubtably effective and can cut extremely deep when it hits. The main problem I see with it is getting past the Zande shield, which could prove tough considering how slow the Axe is compared to Shaka's other weapons. The Makrigga is a spear that was made by Satan. If it goes inside of you, you will see your insides come back out. It is a fairly immobile weapon, and two handed. Comparing it to the axe though, it's extra length and enormous zone of trauma gets it a very slight Edge.

Edge- Makrigga

Long Range- Iwisa vs Kpinga

Both of these weapons are similar in use, basically both being thrown over shoulder end over end at your target. The difference is in funtion, with the Iwisa designed to be a very fast attack and not necessarily a killing blow. The Kpinga is slower to throw and therefore easier to see coming (Shaka would know the over shoulder throwing motions and likely attempt to dodge after he saw it) but has an unbelievable amount of killing power. It would be stopped by Shaka's shield, but the Iwisa would be neutralized completely by the Zande's shield, so Edge goes to the Kpinga.

Edge- Kpinga

Special weapons- Spit of Poison vs Botto and Pima

The Botto and Pima is not very good. The only way it effectively kills is with poison, as it's piercing power is simply awful. It can kill from a pretty good distance though, while the Spit of Poison must be delivered from point blank range. Because of that it gets the Edge.

Edge- Botto and Pima

Armor- Wicker shield vs Hyde shield

Both of these shields are the same size and shape, and their materials have similar stopping power as well, so there really isn't much of a difference in them. I will have to give Shaka the Edge though, simply because he used his shield as part of a very fast up close attack. He also has more weapons that can be used from behind the shield, and he knew spcifically how to hook his shield around his enemies shield to expose their ribs, so actually there are alot of reasons Shaka gets the Edge.

Edge- Shaka

Tactics- Speed and brutality vs Ruthlessness and intimidation

Well both of these warriors helped establish large empires over Africa, so they both had good tactics to make that happen. However in a one on one fight, intimidation doesn't work as well as when you're part of a large group of intimidation. Both were fast, but Shaka's entire arsenal was built around getting up close to the enemy as quickly as possible, at which point he had the weapons to quickly kill anyone. Brutality and ruthlessness are synonyms, so that makes no difference. Shaka gets the Edge, for his speed, and the fact that he created the Bull and Horns formation.

The Arena began to get pumped up, for they all knew the last match of the night was here. The landscape in the arena changed to that of an African Savanna, and the temperature changed to become more akin to what the warriors would have fought in. The camera's buzzing around the area recorded the changes taking place and broadcast them throughout the world as an announcer came on over the main speakers of the arena.

"Tonight in our final match, we pit Shaka, the brutal leader of the African Zulu tribe who established his dominance by creating a giant empire over Africa in a mere decade, against a Zande Warrior, a killer member of the African tribe made famous for their brutal weaponry. Both of these men are gunpowder age African warriors, but only one question remains: WHO. IS. DEADLIEST?"

At that the doors containing the two warriors opened, and both immidiately focused on the other from across the expansive arena. Shaka saw the man and his shield and recognised him immidiately as an enemy from the east. The Zande looked across and saw the man as just another African Warrior who was about to be disemboweled.

The Zande yelled at Shaka and gritted his teeth to show off his cannibalistic nature. Shaka was angered by this and started sprinting at the Zande. The Zande took out his Kpinga and hid it behind his shield as Shaka approached. He threw the Kpinga at Shaka's legs, who jump over it and whipped his Iwisa at the Zande. The club bounced off of the Zande's shield as he took out his Makraka. Shaka came at him with his Iklwa in hand.

The Zande slashed at Shaka's neck, missing him and slicing off the top of his shield. Shaka hooked his shield around the Zande's shield and opened up a nice spot to keep his spear, when the Zande came down on Shaka's arm with the tip of his Makraka, causing him to drop his spear. Shaka jumped back and regrouped as the Zande seathed his Makraka and dropped his shield in favor of his makrigga.

Shaka saw the 7 foot spear and knew that if that thing hit him anywhere he'd be defeated. He hid behind his shield as the Zande approached, poised to strike. The Zande thrust the spear as Shaka positioned his shield to absorb the blow away from his body. The spear went through the shield and got stuck in it. The Zande dropped the shield as Shaka came at him and spit poison in his eyes.

The Zande turned and ran blind as Shaka chased him with his axe. He tripped over a small tree in the landscape and fell down as Shaka bore upon him. He swung his Axe and hit the Zande directly in the face, killing him. Shaka removed his axe and looked around him to see that he was surrounded by thousands of strange looking people and flying machines made of metal.

Winner: Shaka

Ending Assessment:

Unbelievably hard to decide, but eventually it came down to the fact that Shaka had mastered African warfare and knew exactly how to kill people just like the Zande.

Final Results

Shaka- 504 Kills

Iklwa- 298 Kills- This weapon used in conjuction with the Zulu shield destroyed the Zande.

Zulu Axe- 157 Kills- This two handed weapon was good, but a little short to be used without his shield.

Iwisa- 49 Kills- Good weapon for disabling the Zande, but not too great for killing him. Bounced off the Zande shield most of the time though.

Spit of Poison- 0 Kills- Could have been replaced by a better weapon, but at the same time he couldn't have won without it.

Zande- 496 Kills

Makraka- 61 Kills- The short range and small killing area of this weapon hurt it's effectiveness.

Makrigga- 203 Kills- This devestating Spear was long enough to kill Shaka before he got close enough to kill him, but he had to use it without his shield, which killed it in the long run.

Kpinga- 201 Kills- This devestating weapons angular momentum went to waste in the Zulu's giant shield, as it could have gotten alot more kills.

Botto and Pima- 31 Kills- Could'nt get past the Zulu shield, and had a low velocity on it.