'Kirby and the Rainbow Curse' Paints A Beautiful Picture On The Wii U

February 19, 2015

Out of the entire myriad of Nintendo characters, Kirby is the one that seems to always end up being the guinea pig. From pinball to mini-games, when Nintendo has a new idea for something, they test it out on Kirby, and, when it works, they figure out how to integrate it in with some of their top tier characters. The pink puff's latest adventure, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is no different, as it offers up some varied gameplay and a crazy, claymation-inspired art style that sets a new standard for Nintendo. Kirby's newest release is a solid entry into the franchise with some new ideas for Wii U owners that might be looking for a little more out of their console than just another game of Smash.

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

With decades of experience working on Kirby games, Nintendo are sure to deliver something special for fans with The Rainbow Curse. This release pulls from different facets of past titles in the franchise, like his first appearance on the Nintendo DS in Canvas Curse, and his most adorable Wii title, Epic Yarn. Kirby may have bounced around a bit within the company, but since the game is coming from Nintendo, it's guaranteed to come with a level of polish that only that company can deliver.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is an entirely new journey for Nintendo's adorable, pink puffball. The Rainbow Curse takes your traditional, platforming Kirby game, blends in the gameplay from his stylus-heavy Canvas Curse adventure, and gives the character, and his world, an entirely new look and feel. Instead of relying on Kirby's signature inhale/transform featureset, The Rainbow Curse has Kirby rolling around on rainbow ropes that the player creates using the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen in order to help him restore color and life to Pop Star. While some of that may sound familiar, this time around, Kirby and everything around him are seemingly molded into clay, creating some unique visual and gameplay options. The Rainbow Curse even allows for Kirby to bring some Waddle Dee friends to the party by way of four-player multiplayer.

Given it's unique gameplay elements that rely heavily on the GamePad's touchscreen, you're only going to find Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on Nintendo's Wii U. In addition to the custom experience, the Wii U also offers players the ability to use amiibo with this game. Gamers that have Kirby, Meta Knight, or King Dedede amiibo can unlock special power-ups in the game on a daily basis.

Kirby games may not be the most challenging titles in Nintendo's library, but they're consistently fun, and The Rainbow Curse falls right in line with its predecessors. The game packs in everything that you want from Kirby: enjoyable action, tons of collectables, and a simple story to move things along. Then Nintendo took the core elements of the franchise and made it look super pretty - which is basically the same trick that Epic Yarn pulled a few years ago. Adding to the sweet graphics, the gameplay makes the title feel fresh, especially if you never had a chance to play Canvas Curse. The multiplayer and amiibo support are just icing on the cake for fans of the series. Kirby devotees will find The Rainbow Curse to be a must-play, while all of the other Wii U owners that are looking for something unique should spend some time drawing rainbow ropes with this puff and see if he can hold your attention.