Kings of Leon Think American Music Fans Are Dumb

July 10, 2009

Sentimental pop-rockers Kings of Leon have lashed out against music listeners in the US for their so-called bad taste in music, insisting that they only listen to "hip-hop or kiddy pop."

The Tennessee group has had critical and commercial success overseas, but has yet to get the same amount of love from fans in their home country. Drummer Nathan Followill has even spoke publicly about how U.K. fans are more receptive to rock music and that music listeners in the United States only care about watered-down pop.

Followill stated: "Most music gets ignored in the States unless it's hip-hop or Hannah Montana or Disney music like the Jonas Brothers. Kiddy pop or hip-hop, that's pretty much what America is. You may turn on the radio and you hear maybe one out of 10 songs that you'd consider decent. The U.K. is more open to all kinds of music. The fans are just insane in the U.K. - they are music lovers.”

He also went on to say that the kids overseas go to shows to see the bands and not just to be seen there.

This guy is deep. I think he needs to go make out with The Killers as soon as possible.

Source: Jon Furnis/Getty Images