Mantenna - Wednesday, March 4

March 4, 2009

Britney Spears kicks off her wildly sexual Circus tour, The Flaming Lips feud with Arcade Fire, and the 66 most kick-ass energy's the Mantenna!

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Britney Spears’ X-Rated Circus

Britney Spears kicked off her Circus tour in New Orleans last night and according to Hollywood Tuna, it is X-rated. The pop star dances up a storm, shows off her svelte body and gets dirty. In photos released from the show she dresses up as a sexy policewoman, strips, does some old fashioned pole dancing, wears plenty of leather, and shows off her new nipple tassels. Sounds awesome. [Hollywood Tuna]

There She is… Ms. Nude

Beauty pageants may be tired, dated, and a thing of the past, but that hasn’t stopped some budding internet moguls creating the Ms. Nude internet pageant. These folks, who are obviously trying to be the next Donald Trump, have scoured the internet looking for the most beautiful naked woman on the World Wide Web. Visitors to the website can vote on categories such as "Prettiest Face," "Best Natural Breasts," "Best Enhanced Breasts" and "Best Legs." The overall winner will receive $5,000, crown not included. []

CollegeHumor’s Prank War Continues

Two boys from CollegeHumor, Streeter and Amir, have been in a violent, enormous prank war centered around humiliation and professional sports.  The latest installment goes down at a professional basketball game.  It involves blindfolds and half a million dollars. Head over to CollegeHumor to see the hilarious results. [CollegeHumor]

The 66 Most Kick-Ass Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are pretty much the only thing that keeps our hearts turning over after staying up all night partying with models and racing hot rods and stuff.  Manofest has a gallery of the “66 Most Kick-Ass Energy Drinks” that have proven to us there is enough variety in this field that we may never need to eat solid food again.  Some favorites from the gallery include Cocaine, 2Pac Energy Drink, and Sex Drive Energy Drink. [Manofest]

Watchmen Motion Comic Review

What the hell is a motion comic, you ask?  And we respond, “Well, it’s like a normal comic, except it’s partially animated.  They take the images from the comic, put them on a DVD, and subtly animate motion into them.  They also remove any text bubbles and replace them with narration.  Cool huh?”  And then, you’re all like, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool.”  Well, Gizmodo reviewed the Watchmen motion comic.  Check it out. [Gizmodo]

Judd Apatow Not Producing Ghostbusters 3

All those rumors swirling around the internet have turned out to be patently false. Apatow is, according to a blog on the L.A. Times website, not involved with the project. The writers of the new script, Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, are consulting “informally” with the original Ghostbusters guys, but no one is or has been consulting with Apatow. Doug Belgrad, the president of Columbia Pictures, said “We have some great new writers working on a new script, but Judd isn’t involved.” That should put an end to all this Apatow/Ghostbusters gossip. [Los Angeles Times]

Daft Punk to Score Tron 2.0
French electro/dance duo Daft Punk has been signed to write the original music score for Tron 2.0, Walt Disney's upcoming sequel to the 1982 cult hit which was scored by electro icon Wendy Carlos. Daft Punkers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have been involved in various films, but Tron 2.0 will be their first complete feature film score. The film is scheduled for a 2011 release and will feature Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Beau Garrett. Tron 2.0 will play as the "next chapter" after the first film. [Pitchfork]

Wayne Coyne Really Hates Arcade Fire


Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

During a phone interview with Rolling Stone, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne kinda lost his cool by ripping into Canadian indie darlings Arcade Fire. According to Rolling Stone, Coyne stated that he saw the band backstage a number of time and that they “treated everybody in their vicinity like s***. They have good tunes, but they're pricks, so f*** 'em.” [Rolling Stone]

Terrorists Apparently Hate the Sport of Cricket

This week, the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by armed gunmen while on their way to a match in Pakistan. Eight members of the team were injured, but seven Pakistani security men and a driver were killed in the ambush. Ironically, the Sri Lankans only agreed to go to Pakistan as a show of good faith because the Indian team pulled out of a scheduled tour of the country after the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Word on the street is that puppies and ice cream trucks are their next targets. [Al Jazeera]

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